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  1. Shelley you look so beautiful! And I love the sunglasses! I can see why they were a hit! I absolutely heart the cake! You look amazing! Can't wait to see more pics!
  2. Shelley that is so gorgeous! I can't believe you can make something like that yourself. Doesn't it feel so fulfilling to make something yourself though? Especially when you wanted one so bad?
  3. Carly that dress is fabulous! Let me know when you start making your plus size line so I can order some dresses. LOL. I love the hair btw! It looks so good on you!
  4. Erica you looked stunning! I loved all the pics and I love the songs on your wedding website.
  5. Erica I am super late but I hope you had an amazing wedding. Congrats on your wedding!
  6. Hey guys, I don't know much about this but my friend's wedding (who is a member on BDW) was relocated to the Paradisus at no extra charge to her guests. Even if they purchased through Expedia, Orbitz, or through their travel agent. So I think there is hope. Her wedding was for Nov. 1, 2008. Hopefully the DT will relocate people, although I have to be honest I don't see them opening up anytime soon. But I am an eternal optimist so I am keeping my fingers crossed for all the DT brides. Let's pray things work out for everyone.
  7. DJ Jeff please know that I am not passing judgment on you or jumping down your throat. However, I think its important to clarify misunderstandings. Melanie has been an active member for a long time and she is a great contributor to this forum. She mentioned this topic b/c it is relevant to a destination wedding forum. She didn't mention it to be debbie downer, she mentioned it b/c she knows that there are members here who are either having weddings there or are interested in having weddings there. She is being an active member and frankly a good friend by notifying people of the dangers. In no way shape or form has she said that people shouldn't have their weddings on this island. She was only warning people of the conditions of the ocean, not of the island itself. Just b/c a tide may be strong doesn't mean that the island is an unsafe place to visit or even have a wedding at. There are dangers in having a DW in any area but that doesn't mean that the pros don't outweigh the cons. Drownings, robberies, kidnappings, corrupt police, etc, are a possibility in all DWs. That doesn't mean that people still won't choose to have a wonderful experience and enjoy the beautiful locale. That being said even if the drownings had nothing to do with a DW, we are a group of individuals who like to share wedding advice along with current events. We are compassionate, caring people and things that affect the world are of importance to us. I think it speaks volumes of our members that we can spend our time planning a wedding AND still care about the world and the things affecting it. Alyssa is a moderator of this forum and she also got married in Hawaii. She was merely commenting on the tragedy of the situation and showing compassion for those that have lost their lives. She was in no way insinuating that people shouldn't have their weddings there or that these 4 separate incidents should qualify as a reason to not have a wedding there. Just so you know, the original resort that Alyssa chose to have her wedding at closed down and Alyssa did not shun away from Hawaii. In fact, any member of this forum will tell you that she was MORE concerned with the people that lost their jobs than her own wedding. Again I'm not judging you but I wish that you had taken a little more time to get to know Alyssa before judging her. I understand that your living in Hawaii and you want people to appreciate the island for all the amazing things it has to offer, but the way you attacked Alyssa was really uncalled for. She literally posted one sentence and you took that to mean that she was somehow amplifying the tragedy and suggesting that people shouldn't have their weddings there. That was completely unfair on your part and honestly I think you jumped to conclusions. The same way we may not know you very well and we should take the time to get to know you, I hope next time you will take the time to get to know the other members before passing judgment on them.
  8. Klonopin, xanax, or ativan should do the trick. Speak to a doctor and see if they can give you a small dose. But don't ask for the medicine or else they probably won't give it to you. Just mention all the anxiety your feeling and they will probably prescribe you something. I'm sorry you are feeling so much stress and anxiety but like Christa I completely understand. Sometimes life gets the best of us. Try your best to relax and destress whenever you can.
  9. You def sound super stressed! I think you need to try to relax a little. That wine sounds like a good start. I know its natural to worry about your daughter but hopefully it will just be acid reflux and she can take over the counter prilosec or something like that. I hope all your tests come back negative! Keep us posted! I'm sending you healthy vibes.
  10. I heart GG more than anything in the world. I just absolutely live for it! I pre-ordered Season 1 on DVD and I got it earlier than when it hit the stores and I've been watching it for days. I love every moment of it and I can't wait for the next season. It starts Monday, September 1, 8PM eastern time on the CW. 90210 (2.0) starts Tuesday, September 2, 8PM eastern time on the CW.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by trance_angelx0x I think at the end of the day we have to count ourselves lucky if we have a roof over our head and food on the table. A big house, a nice car, all those things are superficial. I know it's nice to have things but there are always people way worst off than you. Know what I mean? Also I just wanted to add that the problem with this economy is that a lot of people are losing the roof over their head. So many people are foreclosing and have nowhere to go. They can't rent b/c rent prices have skyrocketted as well. As far as food goes I'm sure most of here are okay but there are a lot of low income families that cannot feed their families b/c of the increase in food prices. So just for clarification my thread is not about luxuries its about the basics like feeding and buying diapers for your children and maintaining that roof over your head.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by trance_angelx0x I think at the end of the day we have to count ourselves lucky if we have a roof over our head and food on the table. A big house, a nice car, all those things are superficial. I know it's nice to have things but there are always people way worst off than you. Know what I mean? I agree with you 100%! And just to clarify I don't own a car or have a fancy house or anything like that. I intentionally don't own a car b/c (a) its very expensive and ( I love walking everywhere and commuting by mass transportation. Its so much better for the environment. I am not going to pretend like it wouldn't be nice to own a house and all that jazz but I am sooooo not a materialistic person. I hope my complaining didn't come off that way. I just wondered how people are able to afford children and mortages. I am talking about basics such as paying into your healthcare and retirement funds not about vacation homes and shopping kwow what I mean?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Virg At least I have a car! 0% financing. THANK YOU GM. BTW, for those of us that carry a balance, and have a MASTERCARD. Call them every 6 months as they can reduce your interest rate, and you can save HUNDREDS! I did this when I first got my card (even when I had 0$ balance) and I now have it down to the lowest amount possible. Most credit cards will do this but you have to have good credit. If you have bed credit you are SOL. Also I read in economic journals that banks are going to raise interest rates on credit cards b/c they are being hit hard. WTF?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Kristy! My job is to collect Christmas presents for children. (I work for The Salvation Army.) It is so hard to get donations this year because people can barely afford their own bills, let alone spend money on other people's kids. It's so sad. See that is so awful! Every year my family and I would each spend $500 on buying tons of toys from Toys R Us and then donating them to different charities including the salvation army. I just can't do that this year. I couldn't even give a $10 donation right now, that's how pathetic my finances are. I really hope things change. I don't know how they are going to but I pray that they do.
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