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  1. Here are some actual photos of items that will be used in the wedding. Enjoy! Sorry I don't know how to change the direction of some of the pics. BM Gifts: I am thinking about including a swimsuit cover up (terry cotton kind)
  2. [img]http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/imagehosting/106457dfd1fdd925.bmp[/img] Dress: Christina Wu mermaid style Hair: In a low bun like above Make-up: Natural like Kerry Washington/Kelly Rowland For the record I think Kerry Washington has...
  3. JPMO

    Fun and Motivation 2

    For many of my rental needs I have been working with Denisse from Fun and Motivation. She has been one of my favorite vendors to work with!!! That's why I wanted to share some of the pics that she has shared with me. Enjoy and I hope they inspire!
  4. We've selected the Oceana Terrace for both our ceremony and reception. The nearby ping pong terrace is where we will host the cocktail hour. Other than the umbrellas, I am working on a ceremony arch. There won't be very many elements to the...
  5. I absolutely love the cymbidium orchid, of course in pink and orange, and I'd like to incorporate some roses. The BM will be carrying solid orange and orange/beige parasols. The only flower arrangements that they will have are corsages...This is to...
  6. Welcome to the board. You will find a wealth of information to help your process along
  7. Christine thanks for sharing since Amy forgot to snap pics Amy- They turned out wonderfully!!! I can't wait to see how the remainder of the wedding details turn out
  8. Just like Ann said, I am so excited to see the Chicago gals getting together. I would be totally in if I weren't preggo! It seems like yesterday when the first group gathered together over dinner and drinks. You all have fun and make sure to incl. a couple of pics to recap the night!!!
  9. I used Tomas, but it's actually his brother. The quality of my video is fine. I wish it were edited slightly differently however he used all of the music that I requested.
  10. Bringing linens can get really costly for two reasons: weight (for airline purposes) and potential charges for extra days. I was in the same situation and still feel like the linens and chairs set the tone of my event. So I am definately for the splurge in this area but it must be reasonable. While I don't know where Molokai is, is there another Hawaiian Island closer that you can rent from. Pacific Isle Weddings magazine may have some sources that you can use without having to bring with you directly. I also wouldn't worry about the rehearsal dinner so much either. Save yourself t
  11. Dreams does do bonfires however you must be very specific about what you'd like. Plus the fire pit used is just in front of the putting green. We had one lit adjacent to the welcome dinner and it didn't really get used. It's still a great idea though. If you could manage to buy your own Smores supplies at the grocery store I'd recommend that instead of the $8pp charge. Secondly, just past the lobby bar is a huge pit in which your guests can sit around. My family always ended up in this area and it became an impromptu party for all. Even guests were happy to be a part of the atmosph
  12. WOW Kelly! I just had the chance to look at all of your components of your wedding. They look great!!! If I were a guest I would be quite impressed
  13. Kelly those look really good. i am planning a baby shower and would like to use a similar, elegant design. Is that a particular paper or did you creat the border in a program?
  14. I purchased one from Bravissimo (I think). They should be based out of London. It was indeed a great bra but be careful because the boning hurt me a bit. If that's not it PM me and I'll search online for the vendor
  15. Congrats on a great wedding! I can't wait to see pics. Sounds like the service was great which really makes a huge difference.
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