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My boarding pass invites are finally done! All I have to do now is put a stamp on them and send them off!


I read and re-read I think every thread on here before I actually started creating my own. I used pieces and ideas from so many different people there is no way I could thank everyone individually! So I wanted to start by thanking everyone before me who has posted a thread with their versions…chance are I probably used some piece of them!


Here are directions on how I did mine. Please feel free to ask any questions!


1.)The actual designing of mine was pretty easy. Be sure to download fonts onto your computer before trying to use my template (attached). I downloaded the fonts from dafont.com. I used Tropicana BV and wmtrees1 although there are many other ones out there to use! I did have to adjust the actual color of the fonts I used several times to get the green and pink printed out the way I wanted it to look


2.)I had them printed at Kinkoâ€s and used 110lb card stock that I bought at Wal-Mart because it was cheaper there!


3.)Cutting….this took FOREVER! I think I worked on cutting in bits and pieces for a week straight. I used several cutting tools including a corner punch, a small rotary cutter, xacto knife, small scissors and paper cutter.


Click the image to open in full size.


sorry this picture has a bad glare!

Click the image to open in full size.


4.)I used a Crop-a-dile tool to attach the passes together with a colored grommet. I finished that off with the orange and pink ribbon on the corner.


Click the image to open in full size.


5.)The ticket envelopes were actually easier than I thought they would be. I really wanted one where the passes would slide into the ticket jacket. I used a template (although for the life of me I canâ€t remember who that came from either!) found here and just printed the template onto the green cardstock then cut out and glued together from there.


6.)I ordered magnets from Vistaprint and then splurged and bought matching outer mailing envelopes to match. (which are not pictured but they are just white envelopes with the beach scene in the corner)


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.




I am not a crafty person at all and actually I had fun with this little project and overall I think it turned out pretty good! I will definatley be doing some other DIY wedding stuff in the future! Plus I really did save a lot of money even though I splurged on a couple things (envelopes from vistaprint and the crop-a-dile tool, I really could have done without those but I am glad I didnâ€t!) I only made 50 STDâ€s and originally started by stuff for closer to 100…so needless to say I have some paper and magnets left over but I am sure I can find somewhere to use them before the wedding!


Here is a cost breakdown

•110lb white card stock (100pack from Wal-Mart) - $5.77

•Pink and Green cardstock (100 of each from discountcardstock.com) - $34

•Paper cutter (from Michaels and used 50% off coupon) - $20

•Crop-A-dile tool (from Michaels and used 50% off coupon) - $14

•Rotary cutter, corner punch and Xacto knife - $16

•Glue, 3 types of ribbons and grommets - $13

•VistaPrint Magnets and Envelopes - $29

•Printing at Kinkoâ€s (50 copies) - $27


Total = $158.77

About $3.17 for each one




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awesome job!

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They look fantastic!!!!

Thank you for breaking down what you used & what everything cost - that's going to be very handy for some of us! :)

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