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  1. The dress is absolutely beautiful!! I love it! But I would definitely try to find out the return policy before you purchase it. I ran into a few stores that did not take exchanges or returns. I know the style of dress that I originally wanted did not look good on me when I went to try it on. So I would definitely recommend trying to find our the return/exchange policy - Just in case. Hope this helps!
  2. Oh yeah, we went through the same thing also! But you know what, I didn't stress about it AT ALL! Everyone had over a year notice about the wedding. And we also had everything set up thru a travel agent and you could get on a payment plan. And you know, if some people couldn't afford it, I also understood because times are hard for a lot of people and sometimes they just can't do it. My husband had no family or friends there. They all complained about the costs. But all my family and friends that were invited came. They all said they didn't care what, but they would be there. And they all were there. Enjoy your wedding and don't worry about it. If they can make it then that's great, if not, you will still have a fantastic wedding!!!
  3. Hi Lizzie, I definitely feel for you because your situation is hard. I agree with you though on not calling or pushing the situation anymore. It's very sad, but as people get older, it's hard to change their mind. Enjoy your wedding and have the time of your life!! It's his lost if he doesn't want to be there. My husband and I went through the same thing with our destination wedding. No one from his family came. They kept saying they were trying to go. Let me add they had over a year to save and get on a payment plan for the trip. But then my husband and I talked about it and we are okay with them not coming. All my family came and we had a wonderful time and everyone enjoyed everyone's company. You will be fine and you will have a wonderful wedding!!
  4. Hi Tracy, I have 6 table number stands for sell. They are chrome and I never used them. I bought them off ebay and we ended up not using them. They do not have starfishes on them though. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Cindy
  5. Hi Everyone, I just got back from our destination wedding in Jamaica and it was absolutey the bast day of my life and everything turned our wonderful!! I have some items that I never used. Either I bought too many or didn't need to use any of the items. Here they are: 1. Crossword puzzle books. I purchased these from Target and used them for our welcome bags. I'm selling them for $1.00 each. I have a total of 7 of them. 2. Glass Cylinder Vases. They are 9x4. I was going to use these for our private reception with the floating candles but I ended up not bring them with us. So these are brand new and have never been used. I am selling these for $4.00 each. I purchased these at Hobby Lobby and I have a total of 5 vases. 3. Starfish Wine Bottle Stoppers. I got these to put in the welcome bags but I bought more than we needed. I am selling these at $2.00 each. I purchased these off ebay and I have a total of 10 available. 4. Artifical silk flowers. I have two bags of silk flowers. One is a yellow/orange color and the other is a light yellow. There are a total of 100 rose petals in each bag. I purchased these off ebay but ended up not using these also. I am selling these at $2.00 each. 5. Floating Candles. I have 4 white floating candles. I purchased these from Hobby Lobby. I will sell these at $1.00 each. 6. Welcome Bags. I have 8 Lauhala tote bags that I purchased online from Ailanakai.com. They are 12x10x4. I was able to fit a lot of items in these bags including personalized towels that we ordered for our guests. I will sell these for $3.00 each. 7. Chrome Table Number Card Holders. I have 6 table number holders that I never used. I purchased these off ebay also. They are 9" and I am selling these for $19.00. Please let me know if you are interested in any of the items and I will let you know about shipping costs. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for the ebay store! I was just thinking about this today!
  7. I think donating to an animal shelter is a great idea (I love animals). I had a coworker who made donations also to each person who attended her wedding to the cancer society. I think that is a great idea. I might have to add this to my wedding also.
  8. This is a great idea. I was trying to think of something else also besides the bubbles, but I'm not for sure what to do.
  9. That is very nice. We haven't decided yet if we are doing the sand ceremony also...but it is very nice. If we do, I will want this one! Thanks for sharing!
  10. I bought everything at hobby lobby. Not for sure if there is a store near you. But I was able to find the glass cylinder vases, the floating candles and the rose petels I got from ebay.
  11. I actually planned on using silk flowers on the beach for when I walk down the aisle. I'm not for sure if I can use them, but I bought them on ebay for a really good deal. I guess if I can't I will use real roses for the aisle and use the silk roses on the table as decoration.
  12. I am also an orange bride. Actually more of a tangarine orange. I also incorporated, creme, gold, and yellow with my colors. I have centerpieces that have the a floating candle in the cylinder vase and inside the vase I plan on putting rose petals that are orange and yellow. I also have stafishes that I am using as the name cards and those are orange also. I hope this helps!
  13. Hi Meagan, It's funny that you ask this question, because I found this website yesterday also! But I was a little worried about the quality of the paper lanters as well. I haven't ordered any yet, because I want to make sure I can have them at our reception. Has anyone else ordered these from the website?
  14. Dress #3 is gorgeous and looks really nice on you. I also like dress #2 but #3 is my favorite!!
  15. We have also booked Stacey Clarke for our wedding in Negril. I've heard excellent things about her and her pictures are beautiful!!
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