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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Stina168 I was wondering the same thing! Thanks so much for your honest feedback! It does seem very pricey, so it's good to know that the makeup isn't worth it! I'm trying to find some salons in town, but I've had a hard time getting information back or if they do respond, their pictures of past updos/makeup doesn't look that great. It seems like El Spa has pretty positive hair reviews. I'm just worried b/c I have super straight hair, and I'd like to go for big loose curls, but I'm worried they're gonna put so much product in my hair that it will look crunchy and gross! Do not fret!! My sister and I both have very fine, straight hair, and they were able to get me soft curls that lasted all night long. BUT, it did take over 2 hours to do my hair (and I had only scheduled 1 hour, so it really made me stressed out about the time and sort of rushing in the end) , so allow yourself 2 hours...just to be safe. If you give me your email address, I can send you photo's of my hair. I went to a salon here for a trial and did lots of photo's step by step of what they did- then I brought the photo's to the spa and the girl tried to replicate them. If you want any accessories, bring them with you - you can't buy anything there (like cute little bobby pins, or clips, or hair-flowers) etc. I was very pleased with my hair....and the 2 bridesmaids that had theirs done were also happy. Hope this helps.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by paraisobeachbride2009 Hey Michelle, I can't remember if I asked you this before, but did you get your make up done for your wedding at El Spa? Would you recommend their makeup services to other brides? I want my makeup done for me but I don't want to end up looking overdone or trashy lol. Your makeup looks really pretty in your pics!! Hi, we got married at the Iberostar on the 8th, and I used the spa for her and make-up. I think they did a great job on the hair (though it was not cheap), the make-up, I would have skipped had I known. My make-up cost $111 and it was honesly no different than had I done it myself - plus they had very little selection (2 shades of lip-stick, 3 shades of liner, 2 types of foundation)...my bridesmaid had her make-up done also ($96.00) and hers was TERRIBLE!! It looked like she had been a chain smoker/heroin addict for the past 10 years they used these awful yellow tones that just didn't go well with her skin coloring at all- it was awful. She ended up having them wash the whole thing off AND they still charged her for it. I know some people have had a good experience there though - like I said, my make-up was OK, but way over-priced, but my BM's was not good at all. Hope this helps!!
  3. Hi there, we had our wedding this past week (review will come shortly), and I am looking for some suggestions on the best site where people can upload and share their photo's with each other. What sites have other people used that has worked well for them? Thanks
  4. Hi Ladies - i'm awake at 3am and catching up on all my December bride activities. My schedule is same as many others...Wednesday was my last day of work. I stay around home till Monday - then we leave on Tuesday. I am surprising my FI at the Cancun airport by having a limo pick us up instead of taking the shuttle. We have so much crap with us, it probably would not have fit on the shuttle anyhow. I've been MIA lately - so much going on - I am 4 months preganant, and we just bought a new house and work is super busy...so things are crazy for me...good thing I got so much of my wedding stuff done in the summer, or i'd be having a breakdown. I had to get my dress taken out - TWICE...and when I finally picked it up on Monday...now it is a little too loose in the bust area - the problem is, in 2 weeks it might be perfect...who knows. i kept having this recurring nightmare about not being able to zip up the dress on my wedding day.....so too loose is probably better than too tight. For now, if I wear a padded corset under the dress, I can get by at least. Only things left to do this weekend is so review the music for the ceremony, dinner and reception (that was FI's responsibility) and of course he left it to the last minute...and then I just realized that I need to find the words for the sand ceremony....I think I saw them somewhere before...so I just have to locate some vows and change them a bit.....oh yeah, and then pack!! I plan to start that tomorrow. Monday is all about facial, waxing, manicure and pedicure - then off for 5 days of sunshine and relaxation before the big day!! Can't wait to read everyone's planning thread and hear how everything went. Congrats to all - safe travels and have a very special day!
  5. We did - match.com in 2004! I have no problems in telling people how we met - I think it is a fantastic alternative for those of us who eitheri don't want to date someone they work with or do not go out much. I had just moved to a new city (San Antonio) and didn't know anyone...and so I tried match.com - and it worked
  6. My wedding party is walking down to the Hawaiian version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and I am walking down to Trumpet Voluntary.
  7. that dress looks amazing on you - it's beautiful! My mom passed away about a year ago...so I totally know what you mean about having to go through this without your mom...there would be a million things I would be asking her about, getting her adivce about, stressing with her, watching her cry etc - it's hard to not have that. I'm also newly pregnant - so to me weddings and babies are the two times you need your mom the most! I'm sure your mom like mine is with you in spirit...and very proud of you!
  8. Thanks everyone - someone PM'd me and they are en route to my house as we speak!
  9. Does anyone have any recommendations for this? I found several sites that do the personalized napkins...but have not been able to find any where giving them my logo is an option. We leave in less than 2 weeks, and I was just reading someone's planning thread and realized...oops, i hadn't bought (or thought about) those yet. Thanks BDW girls - you guys ROCK!
  10. Wow - everything looks amazing Melissa. I have the details in the frames, and the gift boxes. Your OOT bags look fabulous - and your guests are going to be thrilled Have fun and Congrats.
  11. Hi, I went to 3 Targets looking for a Polaroid Camera..and all 3 said they didn't carry the camera - only the film. There may be some that carry them, but I'd call first, as I had no luck. There were several on E-Bay though (used) for around $10-$15. We ended up finding someone who is lending us one - but those darn things are harder to find than I certainly expected.
  12. Wow - great job! I love how you have photo's of all your guests in the mailer, how fun. BTW, where did you find the bag that says "ring bearer"? I'd love to get one. Thx
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Kate~ Those look fabulous!! We have tons of finger starfish and wanted to do something like that - I love the look of yours! How did you make the ribbon stick out on either side from the back like that? Do you just have one hole in the card behind the starfish, and then tie a knot on the back?? Hi - actually we did 2 holes, close together, ran ribbon through each hole, and then tied the knot at the back. I used clear labels for the names, printed them on place cards that I bought at Staples, and then glued the place cards to a larger piece of blue cardstock..then added the starfish
  14. Here are mind - plain flip flops for the beach (from Target) and them comfortable, ivory sandals that I found on Zappo's.
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