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  1. Amarillis i too am laminating my luggage tags. if you are in canada, you can hit up a dollarama store, and they have self lamanating pockets there, they are around the size of a business card, maybe just a bit bigger. they come in a package of 10 for $1... you just pop your luggage tag in, and push down to seal..there is no "place" for the strap, but i am going to use a hole punch to make the hole and use some cute ribbon in there
  2. becks, you have soo much amazing stuff lined up for your guests! You will have to do a "my stuff" post before you leave and showcase all the wonderful things you have put together!!
  3. wow those look amazing! you sure are talented
  4. wow those are amazing. Good for you taking the time to make them youself, you did an awesome job! your guests are going to love them
  5. bride2b-mexico2010

    Royal Decameron Brides?

    Thank you soo much for finding all of that information for me, and posting your review from your wedding week. It seems like all in all the resort is pretty good for the price you pay..minus the little problem with the taxis! sorry that put a damper on your fun. But once again, thank you! and congratulations on becoming a mrs!
  6. Hi there, I was just wondering if there were any other ladies on this forum getting married at the Royal Decameron Complex? If so, do you have any information on their weddings, or are there any threads with some reviews or photos of brides who have been previously married there? TIA
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    Hi there!

    congrats and welcome aboard!
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    congrats! great location choice. happy planning
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    welcome to the boards! becks has a lot of amazing stuff!
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    you have come to the right place! congrats and welcome
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    welcome to the boards! happy planning and congrats!
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    welcome! congrats
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    Cancun Bride-To-Be in 2009!

    welcome to the boards, happy planning!
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    welcome to the boards and congrats!