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  1. Honestly getting all of your ideas together her is really a great way to go. I highly suggest that future brides bookmark and/or pin (on pinterest now) every exact detail you want. when your date is near you will be ready to easily pass everything you want over to the coordinators Really unless your wedding day is a month or two out there is no need to speak to the coordinators daily or weekly. It will all come together. also remember that part of the beauty of having a DW at LC is the location itself. you really do not need to bring very much decor! just my 2 cents. someone asked about my flowers. they were roses and tulips actually. I pretty much just told nicole what colors i wanted and told her that i trusted her call on it and that is what she got me! I really tried to not worry about somewhat minor details like the bouquet...I guess i was kind of a low maintenance bride? at least i try to tell myself i was...especially when i see my friends planning an at home wedding with hundreds of people!!!!! some of their concerns are just so crazy to me!? why doesnt everyone just fly to PV to get married on the beach?!
  2. Congrats to all the recent LC brides! LC wedding pics really are the best and i still love to check in on them! I was an April bride lianne, it was warm for sure! I wouldn't say it was bad when getting ready maybe a little uncomfortable. the only time i remember being REALLY hot was during the ceremony other than that the weather is just perfect in April
  3. DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trashing the dress was ALMOST more fun than the wedding for us! haha my hubby was semi annoyed with the thought of another day of pics as well but he knew how much i had my heart set on doing it. Once we were actually taking the pics we both had so much fun! Don't get me wrong when i say this but some of our TTD pics are actually our favs over our wedding day pics. our wedding day pics are amazing but there really are some TTD pics that are even more amazing in their own way! i think my TTD slideshow link is still in my siggy!
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