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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by tvt hmm these are so great! i can't think of any beliefs, but i can think of a bazillion misunderstood lyrics ie: I crossed the lawn, and the lawn one. Down in the boombox. i could go on and on. i'll have to think of some beliefs. LOL my favourite misunderstood lyric would be "hold me closer Tony Danza" instead of tiny dancer!! LOL Quote: Originally Posted by jpitts78 I remember seeing 2 dogs doing the humpity dance when I was really little, but was told the dog was trying to get a piggy back ride... lol I'm sure alot of kids were tricked by this!!
  2. Congrats Kelly! & everyone else who had a loss this week. I gained 1 pound. I blame stress & the fact that I'm LAZY! lol
  3. Dear people in the Timmie's drive-through line who order sandwiches when everyone else only wants a coffee & we have to wait like 10 minutes until they make your damn sandwich, I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go inside to order! The pissed off gal who needs her caffeine
  4. Hey ladies! I hope you don't mind me joining your thread. I'm not a Negril bride, but a Negril bridesmaid! lol My friend is getting married at the Sandals Negril on January 5th 2009 & she's a really busy businesswoman so she doesn't have lots of time to join the site so I figured I get some info for her! I hope you don't mind me asking a couple of questions here & there because I don't know where else to answer some of her questions! lol
  5. I don't know what my thoughts are lol I don't know how much a BD session is supposed to cost so I guess I have nothing to really compare to. I did notice that they said $80 for a makeup artist, but on the website it had said $80 for hair & makeup at other locations. That kinda sucks. Do we find a hotel location ofor them to use? And do we have to pay for it, or do the photographers pay for it? Sorry for all the questions. I bet you don't even know some of the answers! lol What does everyone else think?? Are people still interested??
  6. Dear Mortgage Centre, Myself & Mat are coming to see you tomorrow to get approved for a mortgage. It would be fantastic if you could work with us to get us in a range that we want. We're not asking for alot. We don't want a HUGE house or anything unrealistic - just something big enough that if we wanted to stay for the rest of our lives we could. I know we're young & I haven't been working much lately, but Mat's a good man & has a great job & he works very hard for everything we have. Please don't insult us by offering us a miniscule amount that would only let us buy a falling down piece of junk. We're really good people & just need a break. The house we're living in now is going on the market very soon & I expect it will sell quick enough. I really don't want to be homeless. So try to go easy on us, please. Sincerely, A very scared & anxious Alex ----------------------------------------- Dear Bride-to-be (who's name will not be mentioned), If I am your MOH & you've told people that "all the most important people in your life are you in bridal party" then how come when you found your wedding dress this weekend you didn't even call me? Sure, I got an e-mail with the pictures, but so did like 10 other people. You even called another one of our friends & told her to tell me if she saw me. You really couldn't be bothered to call my house & leave a message like you did on our other friends phone? I'm not mad at you, just pretty hurt. Do you really think I want to spend my time & money to travel 3 hours to go find bridesmaids dressed now? A very insulted MOH ----------------------------------------- Dear Job-finding Karma, Please help me out a little. It's been 6 months & I can't get a "real" job. The only opportunities that are coming up are summer student type positions & I need something that's going to be full-time & can pay my bills! I may not have alot of post-secondary education, but I worked for the Federal Government for frig's sake - you'd think I could get a piddly office job here! Can you help me out with the most recent interview I had? I went amazing & the owner knew my reference well which helped, but I think I need that extra little push. Help a girl out please! My EI isn't forever...
  7. Wow Ana, you look incredible!!!! What a beautiful dress!!!!
  8. Wow Ana, you look incredible!!!! What a beautiful dress!!!!
  9. CTV.ca | Bus attack suspect appears in Manitoba court They let out a tiny bit of infomation on the killer. Thought I'd share the link. Still makes me sick to my stomach to think about....
  10. Egg white omlettes are great especially because you can customize them with toppings to suit your tastes! Sometimes as a treat with one I'll have a couple of slices of turkey bacon. Not quite as tasty as normal bacon (IMO) but pretty good anyway! Smoothies are nice too. Lots off combinations you can come up with!
  11. Congrats on a wonderful wedding! Thanks for writing such a great review too. I visited the Riu Palace in January & have been really dissapointed with all the negatives I've been reading because I had such a great trip (wasn't a wedding, just a vacation but we loved it!) Very happy to hear that everything was good for you!!!
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