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  1. Hi Mommies.....I hope everyone is doing well....I am finally a mommy!! Mia Bella arrived on 9/5/09 via c-section - after being almost 1 week late and being in labor for about 20 hrs. Was scheduled to be induced on 9/8 but went to DR for non-stress test on Wednesday and a sonogram on Friday showed that my amniotic fluid was low. Was told to go to the hospital for baby - went home got my things and off I went. They inserted the pill to help me dialate, gave me some good drugs, hubby said I said f*cking Big Bird?? and that I said I was floating around Sesame Street? LOL I got to 5cm and they started the petocin but everytime I received it the babys heart rate dropped so they decided to do a c-section. Was pretty painful but I was glad everything was ok with the baby. Supposedly during the c-section they realized I had a band on/in my uterus that would have made a vaginal birth impossible!! Has anyone heard of this before? DR said its pretty rare and he has only seen it once? Plan to ask more when I go for my f/u visit. Had great nurses and hubby was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING in taking care of me and the baby after the surgery - he changed all diapers until I was able to get up and stayed home with us for 2 weeks doing everything and anything to help!! Here are a few pictures of our little bundle of joy!! Mia Bella 9/5/09 7lbs 1oz 19.5 inches Mia is now 3 weeks old, 4 weeks on Saturday and is doing amazing!!
  2. what a story Tlseege - I had a dream my water broke in bed! awww congrats ladies! what little angels
  3. Congrats Geminilibra and to you too Danielle! Hope everyone is doing well
  4. Congrats Mrs Martin!! What a cutie Ok so who is next? What is everyones due dates for this month and next?
  5. Congratulations Mrs. Martin!! Loving all the pics ladies!! I am 36 weeks now counting down the days Hope everyone is feeling well!
  6. She is too cute for words!! Congrats
  7. Happy Anniversary to you both Congrats!!
  8. Heidi!! How are you?? CONGRATS
  9. Oh wow, thats a LOT of babies!! Congrats to you all!
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