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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by swong Hi! I have a question for those of you who married at Tulum gazebo and stayed at the COBA side. Did you arrange transportation for your guest to the ceremony site? Or it is just a short walking distance from COBA to the gazebo? Thanks! Karla arranges everything. Your guests have to meet in Coba lobby and then there is a private train/trolly that takes them to the gazebo. It is not a short walking distance. You get picked up at your room by a private trolly too. No worries!
  2. Ditto on the ceremony centerpiece being used at our table for the dinner. As for the guest tables, there were birds of paradise in little vases. There are so many glasses etc on the table you really don't need to add anything. We had Karla lay out our favors at the table too, so that took up more space. You should be good with what they provide.
  3. Hi Ladies! We've been back a week now, so I figured I should let you all know how it went! It was a great week but very busy. We were always being pulled in five different directions and didn't have that much down time, but it was still awesome. I'll sum things up and give you my opinion/tips quickly. We had our meeting with Karla at the beginning of the week, just went over all the details we had already arranged and then finished up what we hadn't. I picked flowers down there, ended up with Gerbers, not want I had hoped for but they turned out great. We also picked our cake then, vanilla/raspberry, very yummy. I gave her the decorations for the poolside reception and our CD for ceremony music. (We had 4 songs, 1 for the girls and myself, 2 for the signing, and 1 for our exit). After leaving our meeting we realized she forgot to tell us about the blood work so we had to go back and get the paper work. It was a bit of a wait at the clinic as there were 2 other couples in front of us, but everything went smoothly once inside. Forgot to get a receipt though! There was no rehearsal, we got told things as they were happening the day of. Our flowers were delivered to the room in the afternoon. We started getting ready, my BM's did my hair. I had Claudia Rodriguez for photos, she came 1 hour before the ceremony to take getting ready pics. WE ended up being late b/c after making me look perfect, my BM didn't have enough time to get herself ready!! Karla was calling and calling our driver, but it all was fine. I was so focused on just getting things done, I didn't really listen to what Karla told my dad and I! Walking down the aisle was great! My dad wanted me to slow down, but I told him I've waited long enough!! Once up there, my FI came down the steps of the gazebo to get me, and said something about a kiss that both my dad and I interpreted as my FI and my dad kissing?!! He actually was asking if my dad wanted to give me a kiss! So my dad was like, No I'm not giving you a kiss, and went to sit down. I ended up holding onto my boquet the entire time, not realizing I should have given it to my BM! Also, during the signing and fingerprints, we had our back to our guests so they had no idea what we were doing. If you can remember, give someone your flowers, and try to have the judge/WC put the paper work on the other side of the table so ppl can see what you are doing. We got a little confused walking away as we weren't sure how far to go! So we eventually stopped and came back to have champagne. Only to get interrupted by the resort photographer trying set up a meeting to give us our 10 included pics/sell us more. I was very irritated by this as when we suggested a time the next day he kept saying he was busy. I was getting pissed that he is doing this 10 seconds after we get married and then can't decide a time. Very unprofessional. We had pictures, then headed to dinner at the Portofino. The food was excellent and there was no one else in the restaurant. We were in a raised area in the center of the restaurant. Service was excellent as well. I couldn't eat much b/c the heat/humidity was getting to me and my dress was sticking to me like glue by then! But everyone said it was excellent. There would have been time to do speeches while ppl ate if you want. We left ours until the reception. The jacuzzi pool was set up for us and it was cute. Unfortunately, our crowd did not end up to be very energetic partiers, so it was a lot of sitting around talking to the ppl you knew. We had lots of music on our laptop, but our GM didn't pick great songs to play, so very few dancers. Speeches worked well, we had a speaker and mic. In the end, I'm not sure the reception was worth it for our group. There was a reception the next night, same spot, and it looked the same, lots of ppl just sitting around. You can easily do that in the lobby or one of the other bars. Might be worth saving the money. As well, we cleaned up our own decorations, as Karla didn't tell us if she would do it our not? I didn't want to leave them there until the next day, possibly to lose them, as I'm using them at home too. Great surprises in the room that night. Both from the resort and our friends! Overall, it was a great day, I was tired though b/c our wedding day was at the end of the week and the week was starting to catch up with me! I keep telling Drew, I want to go back and do it again!! I'm writing this really quick, so it's all over the place, if anyone has specific questions just ask. Oh, and if you want your dress steamed, apparently you have to ask about it a few days in advance as it will go to the launders? I asked Karla about a steamer the day of the wedding and she was kind of confused by my request and said I would have had to send it away a few days earlier. Okay, that is all for now good luck to all the upcoming brides, it is going to be an incredible week that you won't forget anytime soon! Very hard to come back to reality
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege Ah! Jules! I cannot believe it's your turn!! Any last minute details that you're getting together, or are you all ready to go? I'm pretty much ready to go... just have to finish packing tonight. Other than that and getting a pedi/mani everything is taken care of. If it's not taken care of by now, it won't be happening! 24 hours until I'm on the plane!!
  5. Hi ladies, I just wanted to say hi and send out a big thank you to everyone who has helped along the way answering questions. We only have a few days left until we leave and things are all coming together nicely. I am very grateful to BDW and all the advice I've received over the year. Thanks again!!
  6. We are doing the same for our guest book. We will be assigning someone to take pictures of each couple as well and that will go beside the postcard in the album. Our cards are from Vista Print and we came up with this little rhyme together on our balcony last summer (over a bottle of wine!). Hope you like it... Please share with us your marriage advice Whatever you offer will suffice Seriour or fun We're in need of some As now we are husband and wife! The front of the card is a beach scene and we just wrote "Our Wedding", the date and location.
  7. So glad to hear things are working out! I agree with everyone else, what a great attitude to have so close to leaving. I am leaving in a week and a half and had dress issues as of yesterday. I hadled it well in the store, but not at home! I let loose a little on FI, oops. He understands. Had to take the afternoon off work to get it resolved, but it is what it is at this point. Congrats again that you found someone good to work on your dress.
  8. Well ladies, I'm officially starting to lose it. We leave in a week and a half and things are just piling up. I picked up my dress yesterday, only to get it home and realize they did not complete the alterations properly. I even tried it on in the store. My mind is just so full and racing all the time I couldn't even focus long enough to realize there were problems! It is not even just wedding details that have me going, those are pretty much all taken care of. It's dealing with the little wedding things and work on top of that. I am a teacher and I'm waist deep in report cards (due Thursday). Now I'm in a bind as I have to try and get the afternoon off to take my dress back. I work 45 minutes out of town so by the time I get home the bridal salon is closed. I'm constantly running around in the evenings to get last minute gifts, go tanning, drop luggage containing OOT bag goodies to my aunt, a hair appointment this week, a makeup consult, and now a suprise stagette on Friday! I was fine not having one... Bah!! Is it March 27th @ 6:00a.m yet? I need to be on that plane!
  9. Oh my dear, I know what you are feeling! We leave in two weeks. I am a teacher and we are in the midst of writing report cards, I haven't picked up my wedding dress yet, I just got an email that one of our guests is bailing b/c of work, my FMIL is driving me nuts with little nitpicky things I don't care about or need to here about, and my mom is getting all nutty too! What's the deal?! As for your decor, don't worry about it too much. Go simple. I am bringing tea lights, as mentioned before, and little glass marbles in my colors. Other than that we are getting the flowers that come with the package and I'm bringing a few paper lanterns. As for OOT bags, can you send some of the items down with your guests? My aunt and uncle are going to the resort a week before us, they have 2x the luggage allotment we have, so I am sending a suitcase full with them. Like someone mentioned before, one thing at a time... for me, it's getting these %&$# report cards done and off my mind! Take care! p.s. I'm so with you on the massage idea!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by HereFishie Here's the link to the pics of my dress .... http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ml#post1210668 Oh my goodness I absolutely love your dress!! I just got the phone call today that the alterations on my dress are done and the it is ready to pick up. I'll be going this weekend to try it on and bring it home. Yay! Only a few more weeks to go
  11. We are having our dinner at Portofino as well. We have heard good things. A friend just got married in January, staying at the Coba section, and had her wedding dinner at Portofino. She said the food was really yummy. No concerns here!
  12. Congrats on a successful social Jenn!! It does take a lot of work, but so worth the fun evening I thought. It went by so quickly too, makes you glad your doing a DW hey! Congrats again!
  13. Sorry, I meant to say we got them from Discount Mugs. The logo isn't the greatest quality, kinda smudged in some places, but at this point we are not too concerned. They couldn't probably be scratched off after the wedding if wanted!
  14. Hi Ladies, We got our mugs last week and I've been meaning to post a picture of them. We bought 44 mugs for $215.00 USD which included shipping costs. Then when FI picked them up here in Canada he had to pay another $16.99 at the Canadian Border Services, which was the GST and PST. He did not pay any brokerage fees because he did all of the paper work himself. He went to UPS and picked up the papers needed to declare the mugs, then went to Canada Border Services to declare the mugs and that is where he was charged the GST and PST. He's not sure exactly how he didn't end up paying more, but I guess if you do the leg work yourself you don't need to pay the extra fees? Here are the pics, it's been a while since I've done this so I hope they show up!
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