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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Pink_Petals Here it is: Mapa Hotel pictures from summer fun photos on webshots xoxo Great thank you!!!
  2. HI! Does anyone have a copy of the resort map? I'd like to include it in my welcome package. Thanks!!! Stacey
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Maybride2010atDreamsLR Hello again ladies, Does anyone know the best way to travel with wedding dress? I would like to take as carry on... but do they allow this with all the new rules? Do we need to call in advance? Any suggestions? It depends on the airline. I'm flying with Skyservice and I calld them last week to see about this. They said I can bring my dress on in addition to my carry on. I would call them before hand though so they can add a note to your file.
  4. I wanted to post an update....I still haven't decided which mugs I want!!! I keep going back and forth between blank ones with stickers or getting twice as many as we need and getting them imprinted. The lowest min I can find other than discountmugs is 48. Hopefully I'll make my decision this week.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by brbr.bo I'm in the same boat as everyone else, I'm waiting for a response on two separate emails from about 2 weeks ago! Does anyone know if the resort offers a free shuttle service to and from the airport? About 98% of my guests are flying in and out on the same flight and I'm hoping we can make transportation to and from easy. Also Has anyone talked to Tiara about having guests in the same part of the hotel? I am also waiting for a reply to my email that I sent 2 weeks ago. Maybe she's on vacation? As for the shuttle the resort does offer one. I spoke with the front desk a few weeks ago and they said it was $220 US/person for a round trip transfer to and from the Punta Cana airport. Is that where you are flying into? Since you have a whole group you should probably be able to negotiate something cheaper. For my group we booked the all inclusive trip so it's included. Did you just book your air and hotel separately? If not you may already have transfers included I world check with your TA. As for room assignment that is usually done through your TA. Also you could email/call the concierge. I’ve asked Tiara about this before and she said she couldn’t do anything. Hope this help!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by jenne Here is what I was told: As for the Trash Your Wedding Dress Session alone: we start at U$200 30 to 45 minutes with a professional wedding photographer around gardens, & beach areas which includes 15 images on CD I asked for their 2010 package list but haven't received it yet. Wow that's not very much time! The main reason why I wanted to hire my own photographer is to make sure we are on the same page before we even get there. If you are only getting 45 minutes that's not enough time for a photographer to get to know you a little bit and see what you like and don't like for photos. I was also afraid of a possible language barrier. Let us know what you decide to do!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by jenne We are getting the Ultimate Package as well which comes with the photographer. Tiara said that this would include the ceremony and about an hour afterwards. . Yes we are getting the Ultimate Package as well. When I spoke with Tiara she said it only included the ceremony. I have always wanted the whole day to be captured. We did think for a long time about just getting what the package came with but ultimately decided to just go for it. I was worried that during the dancing or cocktail party I would be so concerned with making sure that someone was taking our photos and making sure they were decent that it was worth it just to spend the money and know everything was taken care of. Honestly I think it just depends how much you care about photos. For us it's a major thing, but for other things like flowers or centrepieces we don't care at all. I've seen a few pictures that the resort photographer took and they seem fine. I think the best thing to do is look for posses and photos you like from other people's wedding to get ideas. I am printing off my favourites to show the photographer what we like.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jenne Is anyone doing a trash the dress shoot at DLR with the resort photographer? I was going to use the resort photographer but decided against it once I saw how much they charge. I wanted a photographer to take pictures of us for the whole day (e.g. getting ready, ceremony, creative shots, dinner and dancing). Plus I wanted a trash the dress session the next day for few hours. The company that works with the resort charges $2000 just for the full wedding day and more for the trash the dress session. I decided that if I could find a photographer up here that would cost less than $2000 including the trip I was going to do that instead. This way I can pick who the photographer is and save money. I was worried about who I would get at the resort. For $2000 I wanted to know he/she is going to be good. I actually managed to find a photographer who is charging us $800 for the full wedding day and the trash the dress session. His trip cost us $1200 so we got everything we wanted for $2000! I just booked it today. Does anyone else have experience with the resort photographer or bringing his or her own?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by michellechris Stacey...did you find any mugs? I hear ya...these stupid mugs are consuming my life right now as well!lol Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't written sooner. I've been so busy with all of the other wedding stuff. I still haven't ordered any mugs! I spent a whole day looking through promopays.ca and found several mugs I liked and the prices were good. I emailed the company to get a quote for a few types. It's been 4 days and I haven't received a reply. I called them this morning and no one picked up...and I tried several times. I even left a message and still nothing! I figure if it is this hard to order something it must be even worse to actually get the stuff. So at this point I think I'm going to risk the customs fees and brokerage fees and order from Factory21. From the beginning I've liked their mugs the best anyways. I'll let you know when I get them!!! Thank you again for all of the ideas!
  10. Hi everyone! So I've been online for the last three days trying to figure out the best place to buy personalized plastic beer steins or plastic travel mugs for my OOT bags. I know there have been several posts regarding where many people got their mugs...however each website I check out is either American so they don't ship to Canada or the shipping is uber expensive or you have to order at last 100+ of them. So at this point I am trying to find a Canadian website that would allow me to order 30-50 plastic mugs at a reasonable price. If anyone has any suggestions I would be grateful!!! And I could finally get on with my life!!!! These damn mugs have been consuming to me Thank you!!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by jenne Lizzyjayne, I feel the same way. My fiance and I briefly discussed making it legal before we go to save the trouble and money of all the documents, but decided not to. I want to know that when I walk down the aisle that I am actually about to marry him for the first time legally. It just wouldn't be the same to us otherwise. I also mentioned doing it here to my Mom and she did not like the idea. All of our guests are paying to go all the way to the Dominican to watch us get married, so we want them to see the real deal. Plus, there are a lot of people who would like to be coming that can't, so if we did it here, we would almost feel like we would have to invite them to it and then it's like having two weddings. Anyway, that's just my feelings on it! I totally understand why people would get married here beforehand as well, it's just not what will make us happy. I actually just started thinking about this today. My fiancée and I decided to make it legal before we go but are not telling a soul...not even my best friend or Mom. I have heard stories of that going really badly when guests found out the couple is already married. We decided doing it here to save money and hassle but I was really conflicted with it. So now I need to figure out who will do the ceremony and what he/she is going to say. Tiara said either she could do it or someone else who works there and speaks English. That is fine but I'm not sure if I should write out what I want the person to say. Has anyone else done a symbolic ceremony How did you decide what the wording of the ceremony would be? We aren't religious so we kinda can say whatever we want. I would be grateful for any suggestions!!!!!
  12. Wow what a wonder post! I feel 20 times better now that someone else has been there in person. Thank you soooo much Nsimpson!!!!!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by jenne Just wondering for those of you who are having your dinner on the Seaside Grill deck, if you are having a DJ for dancing after and where are you having this? I guess if you rent out the whole restaurant this would just be inside the restaurant.. but as of right now we are not planning on doing that. We are having our reception on the SSG deck and having a DJ. We are going to have the DJ set up on the deck as well and have him play music during the dinner and then for dancing later. We have to leave by 11pm and then we'll head to the disco. I orginally wanted to just go to the disco for dancing instead of a DJ but it doesn't start until 11pm and that was way too long to wait to start dancing.
  14. Congradulations! I'm getting married at the DLR too! We decided to go for the DJ. It`s so cheap and Tiara said we can pick all of the songs we want played so it seems we have some control over it. We are doing the wedding in the gazebo and then the reception at the Seaside Grill. If you have any questions let me know!
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