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  1. awwwww Jean I'm soooooo happy for you!!! I really really hope it works out! If not, all my friends at the wedding had mini-crushes on you hahahaha
  2. my sand did not stay in place.. i'm wondering if other brides had better luck
  3. im just seeing this post now, that's f'n awesome JM!!!!!!!
  4. I gave my OOT bags to my WC the day of the rehearsal. He was so sweet and put one on each chair. It worked out bc everyone got to put all of their keepsakes (programs, fans, table cards) from the wedding in the bag..
  5. Ask your WC if they have contacts, I'm sure they do. My resort provided it with the package I chose but they have contacts for everything.
  6. wow theres so much evidence of his cheating though
  7. wow wow wow! Amazing!! I love the bouts and your bouquet..the colors..everything! Good job!
  8. I suffer from migraines.. I have perscription meds for it but the BEST thing that relieves it is Excedrin Migraine. I like to also take hot baths and get a massage is possible.
  9. well that sux lol I thought they'd also get married..
  10. Im here!!! I've missed you guys! I dont come online as much as I used to but I will make it a point to visit my girls Thank you for the warm wishes!!!!!
  11. I figured I'd post 3 pics of my cakes for inspiration: My Shower Cake: My AHR Cake: My DW Cake:
  12. Ive always loved that you were doing the peacock theme.. such beautiful colors!
  13. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS picture!!!!!!!! I wouldn't expect less from you Jean!
  14. You look so beautiful!! And that cake looks...YUMMY!!
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