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Flower Cart-What do you think about these prices?


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I started my wedding flower research and got a quote from the flower cart that seems a little high. Here is what they quoted me:


Bridal bouquet: 20 White Tulips packed tightly with a turquoise and brown ribbon: $195USD

5 brides maids: 10 Tulips (light pink, yellow, red): $110USD each

Boutonniere for the groom: peacock feather $15USD

Centerpiece: Square 4X4 vase tied in a turquoise and brown ribbon with a peacock feather with 10 white tulips: $90USD


What do you thinkhuh.gif confused.gif


These are the pictures I emailed them:


Click the image to open in full size.


Click the image to open in full size.

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CAn you import? Tulips are in season in May in the States and should be much cheaper than the quote you were given. You could make the center pieces also. Try walmart for the square vase, hot glue a sugar starfish to ribbon your color and then hotglue the ribbon to the vase. You should be able to do this for $10 or less per vase.

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I was really surprised at the prices i'm getting too and i quted both Rayen and Cabo Flowers. It seems compared to here things are 3 times the price over there...

so i guess you have to pick simple arrangements and get a fwe quotes and then if sitll high try and do certain things yourself;

i initially wanted orchids or cymbidiums but now hvae had to reduce to dendubriums and still the centerpieces are $175 (that's one vase with dendubriums inside, 6" with roses and 4" with gerbers)

hope that helps


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I just got a quote from Cabo Flowers. It's even more expensive! This is insane. wtf.gif


Here is their quote:


Bridal bouquet: White Tulips packed tightly with a turquoise and brown ribbon $200.00

5 brides maids: Also tulips but maybe colored instead of white or white $150.00 each.

The groom will wear a jacket the other 5 men will wear just shirts (I was hoping to have a peacock feather on the groomʼs jacket like the picture below)$10.00


Runner with white petals, $125.00 for ceremony


Has anyone used a different flower company with better prices?



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I got my flowers from Maye our WC she knew someone in San Jose. I had roses and Orchid (see picture in slideshow) I paid $165.00 for my bouquet and that was a year ago so I wouldn't be surprised of those prices now. Flowers are really expensive in Cabo.

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