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  1. Hi WeLoveCabo!! Sometime the All Inclusive aren't the cheapest option, but you may wanna check Presidente Intercontinental and Hola Grand Faro in San Jose del Cabo (which is 30 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas, you may wanna consider transportation) or Villa del Arco, Villa del Palmar in Cabo San Lucas. An annoying but cheap option is to come on a Timeshare Getaway. I got my in-laws an All Inclusive package in Hacienda Encantada last X-mas 5 nights for two for $599. You have to attend a 90 minute presentation but as long as you say no, you'll be fine. http://www.haciendaencantada.com/ I believed my catering service was 35 usd per person for a 3 course meal plus alcohol and wedding. I had a beach wedding with a chuppa and it's totally worth it! I pretty much quoted with every florist in town and the best prices where from Rayen. Claudia was amazing, and even if her English is a little rough around the edges, communication wasn't an issue. Don't remember her webpage but I can give you her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Flower.Shop.in.Cabo.Rayen or her email claudiamd64@hotmail.com Photographer and videographer can be crazy expensive, I had Juan Carlos Tapia for my wedding. I heard that Enrique Morales is really good and fairly priced, this is his webpage http://emweddings.com/blog/ The DJ was a family friend and I did my make-up and hair at the Mayan Spa so not much help there. Good luck and happy planning
  2. claudiabenitez

    Vendor review!

    Great choice of vendors!! I loved Claudia's work! About the villas, I quoted this catering company once that recommended me a villa, the guy name was Jorge and Miguel, who also owns the Meson del Angel restaurant in Cabo http://www.loscabosguide.com/mesondelangel/ The do lots of events in villas so I think they can help you with this.
  3. I recommend you to quote directly and negotiate with the vendors yourself. The wedding coordinator is only necessary at the moment you arrive to Cabo and on your wedding day. I made all my negotiation with my vendors directly and got better quotes than the WC I believe because the vendor doesn’t have to pay that extra fee to the WC. Some of my vendors: Cake: Sweet Dreams with Denna A+ Photographer: Juan Carlos Tapia A- (the minus is just because the price, but he's great) Flowers: Claudia Mendez with Rayen A+++ (She was so helpful and conscious about my budget to work with it) Fire dancers: Lunas de Fuego A (A great surprise) Minister: Marco Arechiga A++ I love his ceremony!! Can't remember the name of the rest of my wedding vendors but let me know if you have more questions. Good luck!!
  4. claudiabenitez

    Stylish Florist

    I also went for the tropical style and I got exactly what I wanted from Claudia Mendez from Rayen. I had Mango callas, mini orchids with circus roses for my bouquet and centerpieces and circus roses with orange lilyes for my bridesmaids and I love it. Also she worked with me until we find the arrangements I wanted without beign out of my budget. Claudia is great!! Check their Facebook page for more ideas: http://www.facebook.com/Flower.Shop.in.Cabo.Rayen Here is Claudia's info: email: claudiamd64@hotmail.com www.floreriarayen.com Hope it helps!!
  5. claudiabenitez

    Cake from Costco or Sam's Club?

    Good luck! I had Denna and my cake was beautiful and delicious!
  6. claudiabenitez

    Help finding Wedding Cake Vendors

    I used Denna and my cake was so pretty I didn't want to cut it!! And then it was so yummi I keep eating! I had raspberry vanilla with dark chocolate and raspberry ganache for the first layer, and chocolate with dark chocolate and raspberry ganache for the last two layers! Delicious! Oh and I had white chocolate starfishes and shells to match my wedding theme! I highly recommend her.
  7. claudiabenitez

    Manzanita center pieces anyone??

    The florist I used had them, I didn't used them because I was going for a more "beachy" wedding theme, but I'm sure she has them. Check her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Flower.Shop.in.Cabo.Rayen for pics, I believe I saw an album with mazanita centerpieces. I'm pretty sure Claudia can help you with this. Her info: www.floreriarayen.com claudiamd64@hotmail.com Good luck!
  8. claudiabenitez


    I used Rayen for my wedding and I loved my huppa, the centerpieces were exactly how I wanted, she even help me find starfishes for the centerpieces 3 days before the wedding!! And my bouquet was absolutely gorgeous! I quoted with other flower shops from this forum but the prices were out of my budget. Claudia helped me to get what I wanted working with my budget. Here is her info: www.floreriarayen.com Email: claudiamd64@hotmail.com Cel: +52 1(624) 12 11 246
  9. claudiabenitez


    Quote: Originally Posted by katrinkit35 Legally, we are getting married at the San Francisco court house, and we would like to be married symbolically by a family member...can we do this in Cabo? We are currently thinking about Melia Cabo Real. My wedding was also symbolic and I used Marco Arechiga because I need it to get it done in both Spanish and English (my family doesn't speak any English, Brian's any Spanish) and he did great. Funny story, I was freaking out when I was walking down the aisle, almost pass out, but he save me from a nervous breakdown with a small joke at the beginning of the ceremony, I love it! People still talk of how beautiful the ceremony was. Totally recommended.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by codom21 I am getting married in June at Dreams in Cabo and I am getting the Ultimate Dreams package. It says that some of the flowers are paid for. Does anyone know the florists that Dreams likes to use or can I pick any florist? Help! Thanks! I didn't got married at Dreams, but my WC quoted will all the flower shops in Cabo and the cheapest one was Rayen. I was a little concern about it, I didn't want to sacrifice the quality over price, but then my WC convince me and I didn't regret it. Claudia is wonderful at what she does and her prices are down to earth. I loved working with her. I used mango callas, circus roses and white mini orchids... everything looked amazing!! Anyway, I recommend you to quote several different vendors for everything, because sometimes they try to abuse the fact we don't know any better. Happy Planning! PS. I tried to attach some pics but I'm not sure if I did it correctly, I'm not much of a computer person.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by PKBride After seveal months of looking into resorts for our February 2010 wedding I think I am almost ready to sign a contract. Origianally we were going with the RIU Santa Fe, but the 80% rule was going to be a problem as we have several friends with timeshares. Now we're looking at the Westin Los Cabos. It looks beautiful, is reasonably priced and Maira has been very quick to answer all my questions and has even called me. So why am I worried? There are only a few reviews of the Westin here and some pretty bad comments on the food on some other hotel review sites. Just wondering if I'm crazy to go with my gut and personal experience or do I need to rely on more reviews. Anyone here with comments on Westin? You girls seem to be more reasonable than some of the other travel sites in terms of comments!! I personally didn't liked RIU, because I found it more like the "Wild Cabo Party" type. I have been to the Westin and it's big, but also more family oriented. Good Luck!
  12. claudiabenitez

    Cabo or Puerto Vallarta???

    Quote: Originally Posted by grnyc Ladies! I need your help. We would've loved to have our wedding in Hawaii, but it is a bit too far for a lot of our guests on the East Coast. Thus, we are now considering Cabo or Puerto Vallarta to have a destination wedding. Unfortunately, I've never been to either. Have any of you been to both and which would you prefer to have a wedding? Between the two, which has more activities for our guests, natural raw beauty, ability to get away from the cheesiness of the resort towns/areas, and better beaches? Which is the lesser tourist trap? Thanks for your help! I like Cabo better but it's also more expensive than Puerto Vallarta. If you don't want a very touristy spot, try staying in San Jose instead San Lucas. The activities are pretty much the same, but I feel there is more clubs in Cabo than Vallarta. Good luck!
  13. claudiabenitez

    Worried about weather in February :/

    Quote: Originally Posted by vdaybride I am getting married on February 14, 2010. The ceremony will be on the beach at 4:00. The reception will be held on a terrace. I am a little worried that it will be chilly once the sun goes down and my guest will be uncomfortable, being exposed to the elements for up to 7 hours. I am debating moving the reception into one of the ballrooms, but I really want the experience of having the reception outside.... confused!! I got married in March 13 at 4:30 pm we started and finished at 2 am. It was pretty nice until the sunset, but it can get chilly after that. Good thing I had a bonfire and my dad rented last minute heathers, which was the only reason the party kept going till 2 am. I recommend renting some heathers, if I remember correctly I had 8 for 12 tables. Good luck!
  14. claudiabenitez

    Mazarte Floral vs. Flower Cart

    Quote: Originally Posted by OlgaB Hi Everyone, I am having a tough time in deciding who to choose...mazarte floral or the flower cart. They both seem to do amazing work and their prices are very comparable. And they also both have great reviews. Any input would be helpful. Thank you!!! I quoted Mazarte, Flower Cart, Blossom and Rayen. There all have wonderful designs but at the end, the cheapest was Rayen. I was scared that for saving money, I was going to have problems with the flowers but I was wrong! The flowers were beautiful (mango callas, circus roses and mini orchids) and everything looked amazing! They arrive at the time we agreed and their work was flawless. Definitely thumbs up! Rayen Flower Shop Cabo - Floral designer in cabo, bouquets, centerpiece for your wedding
  15. claudiabenitez

    Florists and D.J's

    Quote: Originally Posted by kiwibride Hi Can anyone help me I am just starting to Plan my wedding Cabo for November next year and i am trying to find a good florist, d.j and a solo guitarist, i have done a few searches on here and can't find any recent information! Look forward to hearing who you used or are using! Thanks I got married in March and I used Rayen for my flowers. I had white orchids, circus roses and orange calla lilies. The owner Claudia was amazing! I explain to her my budget and what I wanted and she made it work, I had flower arrangements even in the bathroom!! Jajaja Everything look amazing, even better of what I asked for. And about prices, I quoted Florenta, Mazarte and Blossom for the exact same things and all of them gave me totally different prices, sometimes double of what I paid. They put some of the pictures of my wedding in their webpage if you want to see them Rayen Flower Shop Cabo - Floral designer in cabo, bouquets, centerpiece for your wedding About DJ a friend of the family did it for us, we just rented the equipment, so no tips there, but I heard DJ Mijares is really good. Happy Planning!!