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  1. My dress was SSM5049! I absolutely loved it! Let me know what you decided on! Cheers!
  2. AMAZING!!! Congratulations on your wedding! It all looked so beautiful and your photographer did an incredible job...i love the special emotional shots she took!
  3. Thank you ladies! It was such a great intimate moment with just my fiance and his parents (unfortunately mine were unable to be there). We finished the night off with dinner in Del Mar overlooking the ocean. May 27th will always be special to us, but we will celebrate our anniversary on June 21st (our wedding day in Cabo). I am Mrs.! ....well sort of...LOL!
  4. Wow Ladies, I can't believe my Legal Day is already here! We choose May 27th, as it was the day my fiance proposed just 2 years ago. We have had quite a long engagement so it is still hard for me to realize in just a few hours we will be at the courthouse signing our papers and saying our "I Do's". I am so looking forward to today and even more so for our wedding in just 3 weeks! Yay!!!!! Nicole
  5. I have gone back and forth between this and came to the conclusion that most guests either leave their favors behind or throw them away. If I was you I would go with something edible or something fun. I am going to get some maracas while down in Cabo. These are going to be used doubled up as a favor as well as an escort card. I will tie each escort card to the maraca (that way it won't fly away in the wind which always seem to be present in Cabo). On the front of the card will state the guest name and table number and the back will say "shake for a kiss". I figured by the end of the night most people will be dancing with them on the dance floor. Hope this helps! Cheers!!
  6. I made my programs with this template that was posted on WEdding Bee... DIY Program that hung on each chair | Weddingbee DIY Projects It was very easy to do but very time consuming. Just a heads up.
  7. Wow, I was hoping your postings wouldn't stop. What great ideas and special touches you added to your wedding. I do have a question for you....where did you get the Senor and Senora signs? Congratulations!!!
  8. I live in San Diego and am friends with a few photographers. Check out.... Marisa Holmes Photography Marisa Holmes Photographer Blog Flutterglass Photography: Jenna is Amazing and she is right in your price range. flutter glass PHOTOGRAPHY: San Diego Wedding, Portrait, and Concert Photography by Jenna Kageyama Let her know Nicole from Artful Affairs sent you! Cheers!
  9. Hi Queen Prado, I am a Hilton Los Cabos bride and am getting married June 21, 2010 (yes a Monday! LOL!) So far my experience with the Hilton has been great. I agree with Michelle, a lot of times you just have to ask and they will make it work. As far as vendors, I am actually not using any of their vendors, except DJ Joaquin and Mango for my Vidgography. When I asked Tathiana about this back in June 2009, she said that is fine, but they are not responsible if the vendors don't show up, etc. I have selected vendors who have been highly recommended through this forum so I feel very confident that they will do an amazing job. The Hilton really is an amazing venue and I am SO excited to get married in just a few months. Everyone has been super helpful in helping me stick to my budget and they definitely go out of their way to accommodate their brides. Hope this helps a bit. Cheers, Nicole
  10. Hi Ladies, I have been talking with Cabo Cakes (through Cabo Flowers) for a wedding cake. Has anyone gotten their cake from them? If so, how was it? Thanks! Nicole
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Floreria Rayen Have you girls try to contact her by phone? We usually work together and she seems to have problems with internet conection sometimes... also she's always away for the Holidays. Here, try giving her a call: Local Ph: +52 (624) 142-6318 Cell:+52 (624) 111-6542 CDN Vonage: 604-628-7888 Her cakes are gorgeous and for what I've heard really yummy. Good luck! Thank you! I too have emailed her numerous times and never got a response. I will call her tomorrow!
  12. Hi Dana, Everything was just amazing! Your flowers were just beautiful, as was your cake and of course you looked amazing!
  13. What an amazing review! I am going to check out oxten for rentals! Congratulations!!!
  14. wow! I love reading this thread! Thank you so much for all of your details, what an inspiration!!!
  15. Hi Ladies, Thank you for your love, support and advice! I promise to not let the cake get the best of me. I was able to negotiate the serving fee with the Hilton down to $2.00pp if I bring in a cake from an outside vendor (they are going to charge me $2.00pp if I bring in cupcakes or a cake so I am going for the cake!). Now the hunt is on for the perfect cake. I have contacted Deena at Sweet Dreams and hope to hear back from her soon. Wish me luck!
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