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  1. Yes they give you a CD which you own the rights to.....which I think is nice because then you can go and make as many copies/books/prints as you'd like with no problem and for much cheaper than if you had a photography company do it. I ordered prints from smugmug.com, and our album from mypublisher.com. I think it actually came out better than if I had someone else do it because I got to choose the photos I liked best and that I wanted to include rather than having someone else choose. It's a personal preference I guess but it worked great for me.
  2. I don't think the Marriott was against other vendors for me anyways.... Havana Blue is totally seperate so whatever you choose to do there is entirely up to you. I had a coordinator from the Marriot who was unbelievably good ( Jess)..and one from Havana who was also great ( Kate). I did use a lot fo the marriot vendors just because it was easier and our package that we bought included some of the prices... But Havana recommended an outside bakery for the cake so we did that with no problem and also used that bakery's florist for the cake flowers. The vendors that the Marriott arranged were awesome though- Blue Glass photography was AWESOME, Blooming Things did my flowers and I loved them.... I hired Je T'aime from sugar and spice for hair and makeup and she was so sweet...and very good at what she does. She did tell me that she will be taking over ownership of the Marriot salon and spa so for future brides she will probably be right downstairs for you. For photography we did 4 hours.. from 4-8 pm. The wedding was at 5, but started a little late due to a passing shower. So he took pics of us getting ready, the ceremony, cocktail hour, family shots, and then just me and jon for awhile down by the water... Then he came to havana until 8 ish. We did cut the cake and everything early so we could get those shots but I didn't see the need to have a photographer all through dinner since it was a sit down dinner and wouldn't be much going on. I do kind of wish I had him for the beach party we did after, but our friends and family took some good ones....and we were all gross and sweaty at that point anyways! haha
  3. Just got back from our wedding in St. Thomas- we had an amazing time! Hope you like them! www.thehitchcockwedding.shutterfly.com Our photographer mailed us our pictures on a CD that we own the rights to so I was wondering if anyone recommend a company that creates good quality albums? Thanks!
  4. Hi- I just got married at the Marriott last month and it was AMAZING! Honestly everything was perfect- I wouldn't have changed a thing. We had 42 guests with us and they had a blast- everyone is still raving about how much fun they had. The hotel is very nice- rooms were clean, service was great. The Morningstar is down on the beach- we had an oceanfront room and woke up to the waves every morning... The rooms up at the Frenchman's Reef seem a little bigger and more updated but honestly all rooms were great for an island resort. The shuttle runs between the 2 hotels every 10 minutes or so but it's not a bad walk between them either... I let people have the choice of which they wanted to stay in... just maybe give them the details because some didn't know the difference and just booked at the Frenchman's because it was cheaper. Jess was our planner from the marriot and she rocked... She went above and beyond anything I asked and everything came together perfectly. She's very quick to respond- we planned the whole wedding practically by email. We had a welcome dinner at Mafolie- which is a nice open air restaurant up on a hill with an awesome view... The food got raving reviews from my guests and the view couldn't have been better- it overlooks Charlotte Amalie. I had my hair and makeup done by Je T'aime from Sugar and Spice artistry- she came to my room and was so sweet. She did an awesome job- I totally recommend her. Our photography was Alain from Blue Glass and he was great... I didn't really have any requests for him but his pictures came back gorgeous- They are on www.thehitchcockwedding.shutterfly.com if you'd like to check them out. I made that share site so friends and family put their pics on the site as well but his are listed as professional pics. We got married in the gazebo by Bill Arnett who was very personable. The wedding was perfect- we had Morgan, a steel drum player from the marriott playing our music. We also did a sand ceremony which came out so pretty. The ceremony flew by but it was so perfect- lots of tears! After the ceremony we did a 1 hour cocktail hour with passed hors douvres and the steel drum player...this was while we had pictures so I unfortunately didn't get to try any...but I heard they were great. Then we went to dinner at Havana Blue....the food there is just so gooooood. And their cocktail menu was a big hit as well. I loved everything about HB- the lights, the vibe, the table settings they did for me... it looked awesome. Kate was my planner from HB and she was really great- she put together this beach party for us after dinner since our group was too small to rent out the whole resturant. We had tiki torches and sparklers and a DJ. We had a blast- it went by too quickly!! So all in all I would recommend the Marriot, Havana Blue, Sugar and Spice, Blue Glass Photography, Blooming Things Flowers Jess= Marriott Coordinator Kate= HB Coordinator Je T'aime= hair and makeup artist from Sugar and Spice I can't say enough good things about my coordinators and vendors. Our pictures are at www.thehitchcockwedding.shutterfly.com if anyone wants to check them out. I'd be happy to answer any questions about our experiance. Happy Planning!!!
  5. Does anyone know where I can find/buy a template to print out my own programs, numbers, and escort cards? I have procrastinated too long and now I think that's my only option.
  6. We are having our welcome dinner at Mafolie's- it is a little pricey but the view is awesome and it's a change of scene from the resorts. I'll let you know how it turns out! 1 Month away!
  7. Thanks girls- you are lifesavers! I had actually emailed that occansey designs last night- just happened to stumble across it. Dolfinluck was the quality good? Did you use crystals or rhinestones on yours at all? I'll have to check out the others sites as well. THANK YOU
  8. So I was supposed to be borrowing a veil from my friend...and I LOVED it...however she just took it out of storage and realized it has a hole in it...so now I have 5 weeks till Wedding day and no veil! The one I loved was fingertip length, single tier with crystal edging along the entire edge.... Anyone know of where I might find something like this? THANKS
  9. Is anyone having a steel drum at their wedding, or has had one? I don't know which songs to pick.... I love Canon in D, and Somewhere over the Rainbow but I'm not sure which to walk down the aisle to....which for my bridal party, and then recessional? What do you think?
  10. Thanks for the awesome review! My Wedding in St. Thomas is in 5 weeks! YIKES. I'm so excited but also nervous about not having much control over things. I have Sugar n Spice doing my hair and makeup so I'm glad you liked them so much- did you use your own makeup or theirs? Do you know what kind they use? I cannot decide how I want my hair...I really want it mostly down and wavy with the front pulled back, but I'm worried about the wind being too wild and making me a frizzball! Our guests are also staying at the Marriott- Our wedding will be at their gazebo, and then reception at Havana Blue, followed by a tiki beach party outside Havana after dinner so that we can have music and dancing. (With 40 people we are too small to buy-out the restaurant so it won't be all ours for dinner) Elizabeth is great to work with from HB by the way. Has anyone used Blue Glass Photography? Our flowers will be from Bloomin Things, and cake from VIDesserts. Anyone have any good advice on a booze cruise type sail for our guests?
  11. Just wanted share my Hangover Kit Stickers made by Allurements by Rebecca- She rocks....however I can't figure out for the life of me how to add a pic... It says my file is too big. Does anyone know how to resize it or an easy way to attach or add it in?
  12. For some reason that link doesn't work for me. Any chance you could email a copy to stephniejphipps@gmail.com ? I'm having a wedding in St. Thomas well and would love to see what you have!
  13. Hi everyone, I ended up having to change my sign-on since I somehow locked myself out of the old one....but My name is Stephanie and I'm getting married May 15th, 2010. It's getting close! We're getting married at the Marriott Frenchman's Reef resort, followed by a reception at Havana Blue, and a beach party after dinner with tiki torches and sparklers. I'm starting to iron out some of the details but could use some advice from anyone who has been to St. Thomas before... We're trying to plan a welcome dinner the night before the wedding for everyone to get together and meet and greet. We looked at the East End cafe- but they said our group of 42 is too large for the restaurant and would have to put us in the banquet room which is a little fancier...and pricier than we'd hoped. Now we are looking into Mafolie- which is way up on the hill with a great view. Has anyone been here or recommend any other restaurants for a welcome dinner? Does anyone have any excursions or activities planned for your guests? I want to have an optional boat trip or something that people can partake in if they'd like to..... I'm also just starting my welcome bags and would love tips on some neat St. Thomas type items to put inside....any local rum or food items that are really good? Thanks girls and happy planning!!
  14. SJHitch

    I'm a lurker

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking on the boards for a few months now, but as my wedding is getting closer I'd love to introduce myself and meet other bride to be's! I'm getting married in St. Thomas May 15th! Anyone else getting married in St. Thomas around this time?
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