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  1. Ohh I hope Janelle recommended Passion Fruit for your caterer That is who we used through Janelle and I cannot say ENOUGH good things about them. It was, hands down, the best part of the wedding and reception. The food was amazing, the presentation was impeccable and the service was top-notch, but it still somehow gave me the laid back atmosphere I really wanted for my reception. Good luck!
  2. This is what we did for our wedding/reception in April 2010. We rented a villa and stayed there for a week and they let us have our reception there. The villa I rented (while I do NOT recommend it), I ended up negotiaoting with them to waive the $1000 fee they normally require for parties like that. If you do decide to go this route I recommend using a wedding planner and I HIGHLY recommend using Passion Fruit Chefs. The food was AMAZING. Good luck!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Willow188 I think I'm going to go with Iggy's at Bolongo Bay. I'm not sure how many they can accomodate, but I imagine 100 would be no problem. Check out the menus on their website. I'm really excited because after the beach bbq we're going to have a s'mores roast! Iggy's would be perfect! If it's a Wednesday they have their Carnivale night.
  4. What kind of environment/atmosphere are you looking for? We had something fun and laid back at Duffy's the night before our wedding. Another good chill place that could accomodate a group would be Iggies at Bolongo Bay. A more upscale place would be East End Cafe in Red Hook. It also depends on where you are staying. Good luck! Toni
  5. I used Sugar and Spice for my maid of honor and I and they were amazing. They were on time, super friendly and did exactly what we had in mind. Also, my makeup stayed on ALL day, even though it was 90 degrees with humidity making it about 105. I HIGHLY recommend them!
  6. Jacki, Getting to St. John from St. Thomas is REALLY easy. The ferrys go all the time. I think about every 1/2 hour and it is a really short ride (like 15 minutes). While St. Thomas was nice and had a lot of things for our guests to do, I would stay and get married on St. John if I got to do it all over again. We went over there a few days and just when I thought the view and beaches couldn't get any better they can. tlogan - I don't have the professional pictures back yet but when I get them I will post them!
  7. I just got married on Lindquist/Smith Bay and it was gorgeous. Very private beach with good shade (which was key since it was 90 degrees and at 12:30). I highly recommend it. It is very close to Sapphire Beach and not too far from the Wyndham.
  8. Tonir

    Rescue Me

    My fiance is a fire fighter and LOOOVES this show. We were just talking last night and wondering when the new season was starting. Thanks!
  9. Wow those are super hot! I think all of the teasers are the best b-pics I've seen yet. Makes me super bummed I decided against b-pics
  10. Glad I could help! I've "borrowed' so much information and ideas from here it makes me happy to be able to contribute!
  11. Yikes I still don't have my borrowed! Any suggestions? Something Old - my grandma's diamond which we had reset for the engagement ring Something New - hmm EVERYTHING Something Borrowed - I already have my veil, dress, etc and I'm not wearing a garter. Something Blue - my shoes
  12. Yay! She is my wedding photographer in 3 weeks in St. Thomas!
  13. I ordered the floating lotus flowers and received them. I haven't tried them out yet, but I plan on floating them in the pool at the villa reception in memory of relatives that passed and couldn't be with us. I'll let you know how they work!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by yanks21324 I am a new bride and am contemplating St. Thomas. Could anyone recommen d any resports? Also, I have heard now of quite a few people doing Villas, how exactly is that done? Yanks, I'm doing villas, so I cannot recommend resorts. I think it's an individual choice about how you envision the week and your wedding. I want to spend time with everyone (but not be right next door or in constant access of my future in-laws). Just something to think about! There are several websites that specialize in renting villas in St. Thomas. One is vrbo.com and mclaughlin anderson (I think) is the name of a management company/website that my parents booked their villa through. I'm staying in Sea Star which is 5 bed/5 bath on the beach with a pool. Here is a link Sea Star - Caribbean Vacation Packages including caribbean vacation rentals, parties and more. The villa owners for Sea Star have been amazing to work with and I highly recommend them. I'm also having my reception there. The owners hosted their daughter's wedding/reception there for 200 people! Mine is only 35 There's also a villa RIGHT next door if you want more guests to stay closer. It's called Casa B for short. PM me if you have any questions! Happy planning! Toni
  15. I recently sent my pretravel letter including information about St. Thomas and an intinerary. I also included a magnet (thanks VistaPrint!) and luggage tags. Whew glad that's done! Toni STT Pretravel letter.doc
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