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    how romantic!
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    Lunas De Fuego?

    i booked them june 2008 and it did take them a while to get back to me....they only sent me one email after 4 weeks and 1 confirmation... but they did show up and it was an amazing show that everybody loved. the hotel was going to reserve the same thing for more.... i got it directly through them for less: i got 4 dancers, 1 musician and recorded music for $880 golriz
  3. I was thinking about a calling card too...but it has the down side that you have to search for payphones to use them or get added charges then from the room; i know some resorts do not have payphones on purpose so you use the room phone; also with the sell phone people/vendors can reach you! i have att and thinking of using that....but i wonder if you unlock your phone and get a SIM card in mexico that would have the best of both worlds but more complicated. Has anyone done this? thanks Golriz
  4. golrizlinx

    Cabo DJ's

    thanks again for this info as well... i just heard back from dj mijares...so hopefully i'll save a little here golriz
  5. golrizlinx

    Lunas De Fuego?

    thanks so much, that is very helpful... i did e-mail them at that email you sent, so i guess i'll be patient for now thanks golriz
  6. golrizlinx

    Lunas De Fuego?

    did you have any luck with lunas de fuego... i emailed them directly and did not hear back... please let me know if you have any other contact info and how much it will be; i'm also trying to do everything on my own and i hope it works out, i realized everything is way more expensive when someone else books it thanks golriz
  7. golrizlinx

    Cabo DJ's

    I tried to contact dj mijares but the email from his website didn't work?
  8. golrizlinx

    Cabo DJ's

    I am going to email some of these DJ's.... the hotel booked me dj joaquin but at $310/hr!!! i thought that was pricey and i found this link; also does anyone know any information about hiring giutar/violin or mariachi band thanks
  9. I was really surprised at the prices i'm getting too and i quted both Rayen and Cabo Flowers. It seems compared to here things are 3 times the price over there... so i guess you have to pick simple arrangements and get a fwe quotes and then if sitll high try and do certain things yourself; i initially wanted orchids or cymbidiums but now hvae had to reduce to dendubriums and still the centerpieces are $175 (that's one vase with dendubriums inside, 6" with roses and 4" with gerbers) hope that helps golriz
  10. golrizlinx

    Octavio vs. Suzanne Morel

    I emailed sunmex and also have not heard back; i only got a quik emial that they got my message, but no follow though.... so i was thinking of contacting suzanne morel since i don't really have time to hunt anyone down! let me know if you get anywhere golriz
  11. golrizlinx

    Octavio vs. Suzanne Morel

    Thanks Angela for the pictures... I think I will contact him; I was wondering did you take your own picture and idea or did he make any suggestions, because i'm not sure exactly what i want? also does he use regular foundation or is it sprayed on? thanks again golriz
  12. golrizlinx

    Cabo DJ's

    thanks for the mail...that is reassuring golriz
  13. golrizlinx

    Ideas for Vendors for Lounge Furniture?

    thanks for the info...that sounds a lot better; i'm still wating for thei quote golriz
  14. golrizlinx

    Dreams Hotel Wedding Packages

    does anyone have any comments about mexsun and octavio...and pix would be great too! thanks golriz
  15. golrizlinx

    Cabo DJ's

    has anyone heard or worked with DJ Joaquin Virjilio the hotel reccomended him. any thoughts?