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    Lunas de Fuego Pricing

    I tried asking them for a discount but they weren't very responsive...In fact, they ignored my email...I know because I've sent them a couple of emails prior and always got a response back from them
  2. Has anyone ever used this teeth whitener?? supposedly it's suppose to be the best one out of all teeth whiteners and it doesn't make your teeth sensitive...I just bought 3 of them today (buy 2, get one free) for $100...We'll have to see if this baby works or not!
  3. sweet raisins

    Laura Mercier Make-Up

    Does anyone know if Bare Minerals Makeup photographs well?
  4. I'm bringing my photographer from home and it's only gonna cost me about $1800 w/ airfare and room
  5. My friend is a professional photographer and I'm paying for the airplane, the room and $650 for his services. He usually charges about $3000 for everything but he's also doing an engagement session for free. Plus, he will be taking unlimited amount of pictures for the 3 days that he is there.
  6. sweet raisins

    Photog payment schedule

    I will pay 50% the day of the wedding and the remaining 50% after receiving the video.
  7. sweet raisins

    Flame Throwers/dancers

    yeah, that's what i mean...thanks!!
  8. sweet raisins

    Flame Throwers/dancers

    Has anyone ever rented flame throwers for their wedding? Any idea, how much they charge per hour?? Does anyone recommend any other type of entertainment at their wedding? I'm trying to be creative but at the same time not break my piggy bank...
  9. sweet raisins

    Dreams question about Piñata Terrace

    So what was your reasoning as to why you picked the Oceana? I'm leaning towards it more now....Do you have any pictures of the Oceana?
  10. sweet raisins

    Dreams question about Piñata Terrace

    I've been debating between the Cascade and the Oceana and understand it's a size thing but, what's a considered to be a "small wedding" vs. a "large wedding". Does anyone know if the Oceana will comfortably fit 30-40 people?
  11. OMG....The bags are absolutely adorable!!!!! I really want to use your idea!! I'm horrible at these things so can you explain the beading process in more detail...i'm sooo clueless.. Where can you get the transfer paper?? Where did you get the print? Thanks!
  12. sweet raisins

    Wedding Cordinator At Dreams

    well that makes me feel a lot better!! Thanks!!
  13. Hi girls, Has anyone ever heard of a lady named Yuria who is a wedding coordinator @ Dreams? My travel agent/event planner is working w/ her but I've never heard of her...
  14. sweet raisins

    Reception Decor

    Can anyone tell me what the charge is if you want non-white color bows, covers, napkins and tablecloths? Does someone have pictures of what the Hurricane centerpieces and votive candles look like? Has anyone seen the picture on the dreams resort where all the tables were lit underneath I think it looks so pretty!!! How do you achieve that?
  15. I was thinking about getting the Dreams of Love or Dreams ultimate package but was wondering if i can substitute or switch out some of the services that i don't need. For example, these packages includes make-up application, what if I want to do my own makeup...Can I substitute for another service or upgrade on something else? Has anyone done this?