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  1. We had a notary do our legals in the US before we left for our DW, but noone knew. Cheaper and less stress and noone had a clue. Ceremonies are basically identical, except for the price and extra paperwork hassles if you do legals in the DR. Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
  2. If you search for threads that I started, you should find my review. It's from 2008 but has some advice on the 'surprise' charges that should still be useful. Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
  3. Negril'a west end is known for their Cliffs. Heading there in May. Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
  4. OMG - first time logging on in a while. But just got an Android last week! Maybe now I won't be such a stranger! Downloading the app right now!!!!
  5. foxytv

    The Miraculous Michaela

    The Miraculous Michaela
  6. oo-la-la! LOVE them! Of course, it wasn't hard with such a beautiful subject to work with - but your FH is going to LOVE them!
  7. The Saona Island excursion was awesome. Wesent our guests on it the day after the wedding (paid for our parents and everyone else paid for themselves - $90 but we negotiated a group rate with the Concierge). DH and I went on the same excursion during our honeymoon. Everyone still raves about it. I HIGHLY recommend it. It was fun and relaxing and allowed you to see a lot of the DR you wouldn't otherwise see.
  8. Mrs. Martin - BLECK on the morning sickness. I hope it eases up soon. You are in the home stretch of the first trimester. But I bet it sucks even more since you didn't have to deal with it with your first pregnancy. xoxo
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by ashleed Thanks for the info! According to fivestaralliance.com, both PPR and PPC are rated as 5 star. Thanks again! Yes, and both were fantastic ... they just had very different vibes and atmospheres. I think it depends on your taste and personalities and what type of ambiance you are looking for. Upbeat and fun was perfect for our DW. A bit ritzier and more relaxing was perfect for our HM. Everyone's tastes are different so go with what works for you! :-)
  10. All of our luggage was checked upon our arrival into Punta Cana by Customs. We had 4 HUGE suitcases as well as an Army Toughbox that we paid extra to bring along - it had all of our wedding decor, OOT bags, etc in it. We told them that it was for our wedding and we had no issues whatsoever.
  11. Our decision was based on price and atmosphere. We had a fun, lively group and wanted a resort that would deliver. PPR seemed much more serene and upscale, so we chose that for our honeymoon and picked PPC for our wedding. PERFECT choice. We loved PPR, but are definitely glad we chose that resort for the honeymoon b/c there wasn't much nightlife and it was a much more formal/relaxed/upscale environment. PPC was absolutely beautiful, more affordable for our group of 40+ to enjoy either 3 nights, or stay longer (b/c of the price, several couples made a weeks vacation out of it) ... and the lively atmosphere was just what we had hoped for. The part of the family who wanted quiet and relaxation had no problem finding it ... but there was still plenty of nightlife and FUN for the rest of us. We are planning our 5-year anniversary trip to PPC ... and many of our guests are coming back with us!
  12. Wonderful review and YAY for including pics! It always brings back such wonderful memories when I read about other PPC weddings!!! CONGRATS!!!
  13. Great review! PPR was so awesome for our honeymoon as well. Glad you had a perfect wedding! Can't wait to see pics!!!!
  14. Just checking in. I have a lot of catching up to do, as usual with this thread, lol.
  15. Hi ladies! Sorry I have been MIA for so long in this thread. Nice to see some action in here again, though! DH has his orders for 14 months starting on May 1. Ugh. Just before our baby is due. But, we will deal with it.
  16. Great to see so many options for the natural touch flowers! When planning my wedding, there weren't too many options for the natural touch options. The pricing for those type flowers are SO affordable and the final products are AMAZING!
  17. Can't wait to see pics! Glad everything worked out after the snow storm/ flight cancellation snafus.
  18. Mine are from [vendor removed per legal issues] and they were absolutely fantastic and saved us a lot of money. We now have them in vases at home and they serve as a reminder of our wedding day each time we look at them.
  19. Just checking in. Haven't been online much lately and finally got our internet upgraded at the house - so should be a lot easier to be online from here on out!
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