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  1. I emailed Indira today and she said 175 for bride and 100 for bridesmaids/moms! I wonder why the price difference...I emailed asking her to lower the price.
  2. Congratulations! You looked fabulous! Can't wait to hear more.
  3. Hello Ladies, Does anyone have a pre-travel brochure template that they can email me? I would really really appreciate it! The idea of creating this by scratch is too daunting to me and I cant download the ones on this site, because I don't have enough posts. Thanks everyone Fmacenat@hotmail.com
  4. Ginger did my save the dates too, everyone loved them!
  5. I spoke to Lauren last week about the guest pass and she also said that they are now 30 dollars. Which is much better then the 90 bucks she quoted me a few months ago.
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