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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by dania Wow! your pictures are amazing! you look very beautiful. I'm also on getting marry at this resort next Spring 2011. One question, who did your hair and make-up? you look amazing. The resort did my hair. I can not remember her name it was an older lady. I did my own make up. Thank you!!
  2. We went just to get off the resort for a little bit one day. I the prices seemed to be abou the same as the states give or take depending on the store. We had at Hard Rock Cafe, just like all the other one if you have ever been to one. I think we were there fo rabout 2 hours at most and that was with lunch.
  3. Thanks eveyone, Nora was wonderful to work with. Here are ALLLLLL of my pictures there are 1169. http://www.pictage.com/client/event....emailFlag=true
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by kate&devon Great review Jen!! Can I ask you one question, about the flight. Did you tell them you were a bride or, did they see the dress? Also did you try for an upgrade to first class? Houston to ATL they guy saw my dress and told me I could board early. ATL to Punta Cana I ask if I could board early because of my Dress and they told me it was not a problem at all. I did try to upgrade but from Houston to ATL there were 9 people who were like gold members or something, so they couldn't do it and from ATL to Punta Cana, they said I could for a fee. I s
  5. Hey everyone I just wanted to get my review up because I know there are not that many for this resort. Sorry it took me a little to get it posted. Sorry this is gonna be long. First I want to thank everyone on this site. I received so much helpful information. I would have been so lost with out everyone. Travel Agent- We used Liberty Travel. They didn’t really do much for us because I already knew where and when I wanted to go and our group was not very big. They were able to get our two tickets for $206 each because delta had misprinted and I paid right on the spot. Flight
  6. THanks everyone! The ladys who are using Nora you are going to love her work. And Thanks to all the Ladys who left comments on our pictures.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege Your pictures are beautiful and you were a gorgeous bride! I left a comment for you. Good luck! Thank you for leaving a comment... Thanks everyone! It was everything I could wish for! Jenn
  8. First, I want to thank Nora for being so wonderful to work with and taking such amazing pictures. If anyone is looking for a photographer or think about using Nora you will not be disappointed. She is amazing. Nora has offered to give us FREE canvas print up to a 20x30 if we are able to get 25 comments on our pictures on her blog. Please feel free to look at the wonderful she does and comment on the picture to help me out. We were married at Palma Real in Punta Cana on 13 March 2010 at 5 p.m. Enjoy!!!! Nora's Wedding Blog International Destination Wedding Photography
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by niecimar Has anyone has there luggage checked and had items taken away upon arrival at the airport in Punta Cana by customs or in the airport they were departing from? Please share. Upon arrival we did not see anyone get there luggage check. My mom and dad came on another day and I asked them as well and no one had there luggage check on that day.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by tracy0716 Congrats again Jenn...I can't wait to read your review!! Quick question about the cake...what kind did you pick? Did you get to taste them before making your final choice? I hadn't even considered the cake flavor until you said yours was so delicious. Thanks!! We did not get to taste them before hand. The top and bottom layer's were vanilla and the middle layer was chocolate. I will try and get a review up by the end of this weekend.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Lindsay521 Jennifer, Your pictures are so great!!!! I leave in 9 days I am so excited!! I hope you are having a great time.. Just a quick question, does the resort steam your wedding dress for you? Talk to you soon! Thankss!!! No the resort does not steam dresses. My dress did not need it. I had a dress that traveled very well. You will love it down here. The cake tasted soooooooo yummmmmmy!!!!! Oh yea one more thing bring lots of sunblock. I am not fair skinned by any means and i got pretty red, as did everyone in my group even my mother
  12. We are still down here and it's so wonderful. There are a few more at Nora's Blog. Will post more when we get back. Nora's Wedding Blog International Destination Wedding Photography
  13. Thanks everyone!!!! If you are thinking about doing it go for it. It doesnt that bad..... I want to get another one but i have no clue where to put it. I want to get dogs tags. Mine and my grandfather who passed we were both in the Army. I though about getting the chain around my ankle and then having the dog tag on the top of my foot, but I really think it would take away from my other one. So I'm still trying to see where I could get it.
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