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  1. Maura, how are things going? Only 10 more days!!! I can't wait to see all your stuff!!!
  2. check out florenta (cabo vendor) she's on this forum and I heard that she had better prices then other vendors!
  3. From where I'm from 1500-2000 /person for 1 wk A.I. Good luck! This price includes flight and all..taxes in as well
  4. Great review! Do you know who you used for flowers?
  5. wow, this is awesome! Thank you so much!
  6. I think the bird got in and then got stuck. I don't see why someone would pick up a dead bird and put in someones mailbox - ew! Don't worry about it.
  7. I heard a few bad things about this place but maybe they have changes some policies?? I looked into it a bit but then found out that you can only use the photographer they want you to use..you can't even pay an extra fee for your photographer to come in - Crazy! The coordinator was being very rude.
  8. hahaha soooo adorable! I love the picture of you two ( you are soo cute!!!) and the idea is awesome. He will be so happy
  9. oh no that's too bad. It actually sounds like something I would do lol
  10. Seaprincess: How was the food at the new dows lake restaurant?
  11. Oh this is such great news!!! Your day is coming up so soon. Have you finished your newsletter yet?
  12. We didn't go with titanium because of the resizing and if something happens to the finger the ring can't be cut off I don't think. It depends how many karat the white gold is...I think that 14 K is better for men.
  13. soo many pics on this forum or just go on a photographers webpage and look at the pics. You will find TONS!
  14. ya sorry Urban Element. We had our stag at urban well so I'm getting a bit mixed up. Just by looking the pics it didn't look that big but I might not be looking at the pic where they hold the actual weddings. That new restaurant looks AMAZING - love it (dows lake) Thanks for sharing..I think this will be our 4 yr anniv dinner spot
  15. absolutely beautiful and all your creative idea are wonderful. I'm loving the personalized tequila bottles. I wish I was there
  16. I looked into these places on York street and they were an arm and a leg... Urban well looks cool - I think Fi and I will be taking cooking classes there. How many ppl can they accommodate for a wedding though? the room looks small.
  17. wow your pictures are awesome! I never even heard of this photog! You really did et an awesome deal. Everything looks so nice!!! Congrats and can't wait to hear more about your wedding. oh just a quick question. Where did you get the flowers?
  18. Oh! and when are we getting a full wedding review
  19. I was also waiting for a review on her! I'm happy everything went well..you all look beautiful!
  20. I think adding the food to the cocktail hour was a good idea. We are doing the same thing. What salad did you pick? We went with the goat cheese cherry tomatoes etc..one. one more question for Westin brides: did you do speeches during dinner or after? PS: I like the "fantasy" table haha
  21. I'm having my AHR at the NAC in a beautiful room called the panorama room ( all window) - I know it's not really what your looking at, but figured Id let you know.
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