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StudioSuits - Linen Suits - $99

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Linen Suits for $99 More than 8 colors, swatch service available.

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By Todd, · 0 Comments

Pros: No
Cons: Customer service
Horrible company. The measurements you send them are just a reference. They admit that they add a few inches to some measurements and not to other areas. What arrives is a very poor fitting suit. The site says they will remake the shirt if there is an error, but if they never accept the suit back and just claim they didn't make an error, how can you enforce this? No refund, no remake, just a 20% discount on a future purchase. This is a Mumbai based company that just rotates sites (HarryFashion,

By Miles, · 1 Comment

Pros: None
Cons: Poor workmanship, poor customer service, cheap quality.
There is nothing good to say about my experience with this dreadful company. The item took 3 months to come. When it came I was embarassed to wear it. It was hideous. The bottuns should have been round the chest, but were on the knees. The shoulders were huge. The belt was on the thighs. Dreadful customer service. Good like getting a reply from "Pearl." Please do not waste your money!

By Ren, · 0 Comments

I purchased a suit from Studio Suits in spring 2019.  I looked around everywhere because I was looking for a specific color which wasn't easy to find, so when I found it on their website I read all the info on their website where they claim to deliver high quality suits, premium material, great tailoring, etc. It couldn't be more false. First of all the company is from INDIA and you won't find out until you receive the package. You order from Stu Suits and receive the package from

By jatrix, · 0 Comments

Pros: None - The only thing remotely professional about them was maybe the look and feel of their website (stolen from Indochino)
Cons: Everything !
Never ever would i waste $250 on the piece of junk i just got from them   - I ordered a stubby blue suit and they sent me a black one....i have pictures to prove that it was black and they were still arguing about the color from there websote and hot i should order a swatch before i ordered my suit - I would have been ok with the black suit if it was wearable; but it was loose from everywhere even i was very accurate with my measurements and i have been wearing custom suits for years. Quality
There is another website http://www.makeyourownjeans.com, which is of the same content as the http://www.studiosuits.com. Seems to me they kind of lack accountability by using two websites to get orders. I tried to enter my data on their website, but found no entries for arm size, which is so important to make a suit that is good for me. So I will never send money to them, especially they are in India where the internet scams are so popular. Pay more dollars to get a decent suit here in the Stat
Pros: great material quality and stitching, fast shipping, easy ordering and communication
I've read a lot of negative reviews about Studio Suits and completely disagree with them so I wanted to reassure any ladies who are on the fence about them. I ordered my (now!) husband's vest and pants from here in tropical beige linen/cotton blend and they came out great! We did the measurements ourselves but also went to a tailor to double-check. Studio Suits also emailed me to double-check our numbers (my man is on the slim side) and it was nice they wanted to make sure. The online ordering p

By cvincent84, · 3 Comments

Pros: Shipping was fast, easy, cheap, good quality
Cons: May come slighty tight even with correct measurements
I just wanted to post my review of studiosuits.com in case it will help anyone else. We order the linen suit in Tropical Light Beige Linen. My fiancé isn't the smallest guy and so when doing the measurements (which I did myself) I added about a half an inch to an inch to each measurement. I thought bigger would be better, we could always get it altered AND a lot of people say the suits still tend to run a little tight. It fit him ALMOST perfect, the suit coat is just a little tight but we'll mak

By AngelaIngram, · 0 Comments

Pros: great price fit really good
Cons: color selection with grey's
We ordered my FI custom pants and they fit near perfect out a inch in the waist but really I think he lost weight. Wish they had more grey color selection as we will have to go with someone else for our wedding cause of color

By keithfeinberg, · 0 Comments

Pros: None
Cons: waste of money
This communication is terrible, the quality is garbage, and you have no recourse.  They claim to be custom made, but no likely, there is no way to alter the suit, no one on this side of the planet to measure you the way they want it.  I thought it was too good to be true, and wasted 268 dollars.  threw the suit in the trash - Don't make the same mistake, you were warned - k
Jessica Kazn

By Jessica Kazn, · 0 Comments

Cons: Horrible customer service, low poor quality suits
If I could give this company zero stars I would. I initally read some reviews on how this company has great products. WOW those people are so wrong. I ordered twelve 3 piece suits for my groomsman. Each and every suit didnt fit properly. The product is very poor quality. The farbic is awful. It's stiff and doesnt lay right. I have emailed them so many times to get this resolved. They told me sorry we do not take anything back which is not what the website says. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM

By Jeffrey333, · 1 Comment

Pros: Price
Cons: The fit, the construction, their customer service, return policy
Received my three-piece linen suit and "slim fit" shirt for my wedding next month in Punta Cana.  The tailoring was not even close to my specifications.  The seat of the pants was a full 10 inches larger than I specified, causing the pants to resemble parachute pants from the early 1990's. The shirt, which was supposed to be slim, had an extra 7 inches through the body.  The hem on the very boxy jacket was messed up as well.  Very disappointing.  Poor customer service to boot. Expect a hefty tai

By coconoir1908, · 0 Comments

Pros: Great Suits @ an Amazing Prices
Cons: NA
After countless reviews and ordering swatches, we decided to go with studisuits.com which was found on this site.  We went with the Pure Irish Linen in Light Beige and EVERYONE loved them.  Of course, we added the satin lining to his pants for an extra $5.  We ordered my husband suit first.  We went with the preset size and did not have them hemmed.  The package arrived via FedEx within 2 weeks.  His suit fit perfectly and from there I sent a detailed email out to the gentlemen.  Most ordered th

By iGotsGills, · 3 Comments

Pros: Seems to stay true to measurements, inexpensive, leaves enough material for alterations if necessary
Cons: it says $99. but really it's $109-$116 depending on fabric
My husband, both groomsmen, and my dad all purchased suites from Studio Suit for our October 1 wedding in the Bahamas.  Everything worked out great!  I will say this though: some did have to get alterations done, but mostly because they didn't follow the measurement directions provided on the site.  When you're measuring, wear a suit that you own that fits you well: that's what my dad did, and his came out the best of all of them.  

By Scott87, · 0 Comments

Pros: None
Cons: Poor quality, bad fit, poor communications
I ordered a linen jacket from them.  The quality of what I received was very poor. No overstitches, no piping, nothing.  The overall shape was not what I had asked them to do. Their response was that they "try their best" to follow on their customer's instructions. I will never order again.  For others, I suggest to pay through Paypal - at least, there is a chance you can reclaim your money.

By BeachBridein11, · 1 Comment

Pros: Cheap
Cons: Sizing, Return Policy, India Company
Like many others, I found out about StudioSuits.com through the forum.  I read pretty much the whole thread and decided to go with them.  Prior to purchasing, I did try to find suits online, but everything was so expensive and limited.  We ordered Pre-Set Sizes; suit for my fiance, and pants for 2 groomsmen, and both fathers.  Quick turnaround, but extremely disappointed in fit!  We ordered the comfort fit, not comfortable at all!  The pants were way too tight.  Not just the waist but the thighs

By Terpgurl, · 1 Comment

Pros: Good price, good quality
Cons: Inaccurate standard measurements, not a good exchange or alteration policy
So after reading a review about these great suits, I told my fiance we had to order these suits for our wedding. We have a large wedding party, 8 guys so before ordering them for everyone we decided to order one for my fiance to see how the fabric and fit were. With the cost of the suit, liniing for the pants and shipping, we paid approximately $125. Not bad for a suit! When the suit arrived it was nicely packaged and looked very nice. We didn't do the custom measurements but picked the standard

By nymcyzk, · 0 Comments

Pros: Inexpensive, good detailing, great color
Cons: None really
K, like the other review, I was extremely skeptical, and didn't want to buy a suit online, but hubby to be wanted linen, and white, and that was impossible to find where I'm at, for anything less than 400.00.  Hubby took all the measurements himself, and we sent away the info on the suit and ordered it.  When it came in, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality.  Its a good heavier quality linen, the jacket is fully lined, so if he wants to wear a colored shirt underneath, it shouldn't show

By **Kat**, · 2 Comments

Pros: Nice looking, good material
Cons: Hard to communicate
I heard about Studio Suits here in the forum and was really skeptical because it is one of those deals that sounds "too good to be true" but after I saw that a few of the girls had actually ordered from them and posted some pics I could see that it was legit and decided that it would be the way to go for my husbands outfit. We took him to a local suit shop and had them take his measurments and sent off for the suit. It got here pretty timely and my husband loved it. Great color, very soft.. all
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