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  1. Brand new LENOX 5x7 Fine China picture frame $40 + FREE SHIPPING I planned on putting this frame on a table during the ceremony/reception but forgot it at home. Ivory fine china frame with sculptural flower and bell design Accented in gold at interior Holds 5-by-7-inch photograph Designed for vertical orientation only Measures 11 by 9 inches
  2. Hi Amaxey (and Jennkn87 and angelsj247) Jennkn is right. It's $300 per vendor PLUS $80 per person guest pass. I just married at St. James in May and had an outside photographer and paid an additional $460 for the vendor fee and passes for him and his assistant. I was NOT charged a set up fee and I brought my own chair sashes, centerpieces, guest map, frame, cake topper, and other misc guest goodies. I also did not get that romantic dinner included and I had the Ultimate Package but it looked very nice for those that did it. Jenn - I'm surprised you haven't heard from them. I booked Secrets months in advance and anytime I had questions, I emailed them. I didn't care about the "2 month" rule and they ALWAYS got back to me within a day. On the exact date of 2 months prior to my wedding date, they emailed me the "details form" to complete. They were really on top of things so I suggest you contact them. Let me know if you any of you ladies have any other questions.
  3. Hi Ladies, My wedding has just past and I have the following for sale: - 17 caribbean blue organza chair sashes. They are clean and just a bit crinkled from where they were tied. - 3 coral organza table runners $1.00 each item and free shipping. PM if interested. Happy Planning!
  4. Hi ladies, Fun accessories for your girls night out! $25.00 for all items and FREE SHIPPING! PM me (even if you want just one item) - "I'm Getting Married B*tches!!" sash in black with rhinestones - "Bride to be" tiara - giant bling ring that lights up when you turn it Everything was worn once - all in great condition and has been cleaned.
  5. The skirt is ruffly and there is a train but nothing huge - My resort also provided pressing and steaming services but I still wouldn't want to fold it in a luggage. It's all personal preference. No one on the plane got upset and everyone's carry-on was able to fit.
  6. Hi ladies, I just got back from my wedding and had no problems with my dress as a carry-on. I flew JetBlue out of JFK airport and everyone was incredible nice. I got lots of smiles and "congratulations!" Don't worry - everyone will be so happy for you. Waiting to go through security, I folded my garment bag and was about to stuff it in those buckets when one the TSA agents goes "oh no no no. Don't wrinkle your dress!" She laid it out flat on the belt and hooked the hanger to the bucket in front so it would help lead the dress through the scanner. She also made sure that there was enough space before she let another bucket go after the dress so it would not bump into it in case the scanner belt got backed up. I was pleasantly surprised because security agents can be so grumpy! JetBlue let me board first and take up TWO ENTIRE overhead bins by laying it flat across. I felt bad that I was taking up space from other people but the flight attendant said "oh don't worry about it." She guarded the bins and anytime someone was about to open them she would say "sorry, these are full, please use another one." On the way home, the agents at the Montego Bay airport weren't as nice but since it was after the fact, I had no problem laying the dress on top of someone's luggage. Your bridal salon should give you a garment bag and if you can, get an extra plastic bag. The seamstress who did my alterations put my dress in a long clear thick plastic bag first then inside the garment bag. She did this just in case airport security wanted to unzip the garment bag to check - this way, the plastic protected them from actually touching my dress. No one questioned it but it doesn't hurt to have an extra layer. Happy planning!
  7. Hi ladies, I ordered my (now!) husband's vest and pants from Studio Suits (lots of reviews and opinions about them here on BDW). I was really happy with their quality and service and you can read my review here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/reviews/r/4544-studiosuits-linen-suits-99/ Now that my wedding has past, I don't need their fabric sample kit anymore. It has a bunch of small swatches in the colors and material available. It was very helpful to me to see/feel in real life as opposed to just viewing online. Another bride here was gracious enough to send the kit to me when I was deciding whether or not to order from them so I would like to pass it on. If interested, please PM me your address. There's only one kit so first to respond gets it. Happy wedding planning!
  8. Hey @@Vanessa I hope to do this with the sash to the side And here are other options!!!
  9. @@Vanessa - ha same here. I also hate the white chair covers & sash look but my FI actually likes them. Since he hasn't asked for much in regards to decor, I said OK but also found a really nice pic that of a sash that ISN'T a bow that makes me feel better about it too.
  10. We got the linen/cotton blend and it came out to about $150 with shipping. It's not super lightweight 100% linen but we wanted something with a bit more weight/coverage so it wasn't see through.
  11. We just got our vest and pants and they are great! I was really nervous because the reviews for Studio Suits are all over the place but we're really happy with how they came out. The quality, stitching and sewing are great for the price. The pants are a little long but we haven't gotten his shoes yet so it's OK - we'll hem them based on how they look whenever we buy them. I'd definitely recommend getting them from here - we had the hardest time finding beige/tan vests in stores during the winter and we didn't want to wait too close to the wedding date (May) before buying it. They were great about emailing to make sure about the measurements and we got it within two weeks.
  12. thanks! I actually submitted a few bouquet photos to them about a week ago - I'm not within 2 months yet so I bet it will be longer. I'm bracing myself for outrageous prices but still think I'll be shocked. Good to know about just giving them a price range! Sounds easier since I don't need anything too fancy - just the colors I want. Yours came out beautiful. Thanks again!
  13. absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful review - very helpful. Did you upgrade your bouquet and bout? Was it a big upcharge? Thanks and congratulations!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Jennkn87 Does anyone know who the resort photographer is? I am trying to decide if I want to hire an outside photographer or not! I haven't found any specific info on the resort photographer but according to AlexisinJamaica, she said she was happy with the pics they took. I selected the Secrets Ultimate package which comes with 50 photos but for me, that's not enough and I didn't want to chance it that they would be just OK so I hired an outside pro photographer as well. Pictures are very important to me so I am willing to splurge. I am going to follow Alexis' advice who also had an outside person and tell the hotel photographer to shoot more of the cocktail hour/my guests and let my outside pro take more of the ceremony/getting ready/first look/sunset etc, the photojouralistic style
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