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  1. @@Kassizee the white chair covers and table clothes were included in my wedding package. they were def not upset I brought the extra stuff. almost every bride who goes down brings some of their own décor. you just bring the items to you wedding meeting the day before and they set up EVERYTHING! soo easy! cost was $50 to set up décor. I brought: chair sashes, table runners, candles, candle rings, jewels to sprinkle, table numbers in frames, coaster favors, name cards, map for guest book, pom poms for head table and around gazebo, glow stick bracelets and necklaces set up in sand pails @@Jennkn87 Me, my husband, and the entire wedding party were OBSESSED wih DJ blu! I would definitely recommend. We were a little anal about the music for the wedding so we sent a very detailed list of specific songs to be played during dinner and the reception. But I was a hit. I felt the DJ gives it a more wedding feel and since we had so many people attend it gave it a more party vibe and atmosphere. They have lights and he MCs too. The day after the wedding, people and workers all over the resort were coming up to us and talking about how fun the wedding looked. Also of note he played all the songs we requested (I feel this is impt to note bc I know some brides say DJs just use the list as a reference guide and play what they want) He was like it took me forever to find this "HANG ON SLOOPY" song hahaha We all graduated from The Ohio State so we had to have that one!
  2. @@montegobaybride please don't get miha earle! I was sooooo not impressed with my pictures! just not thought out and was too spur of the moment for me. take my advice , im really unhappy
  3. @@photogirl0403 - I just got my pics online (have the watermark on them), but still don't have the cd with the images to print or create anything yet, just the option to purchase thru her website at ridic high prices sooooo
  4. @cora4600 - One of my bridesmaid is also my hair dresser so she did my hair and my moms. I did my own makeup. I gave my bridal package to my sister who got her hair and makeup done and was very pleased. (one weird thing was that they didn't use eyeliner, but rather shadow to line her eyes. It was pretty but a different look for her) a few of the other bridesmaids also made appointments for hair and no one had any complaints. BUUUUUT if I didn't have Shayna I would prob consider an OV since it is your big day if its in your budget. @@pzl101 - Thank you! So happy to help. I did, I emailed them a few options which were ridic (like 400-475 just for mine) so I finally said just make me a bouquet for $100 with the blue orchids, my sisters was the same only smaller for $70. You can email the wedding coordinator once you are in your 2 month planning period and they will forward it to Tai Flora and give you the cost - caution it takes ~ 1 week per email to get a response. For me it just was easier to give them a price point and a color scheme and let them take care of the hassle. side note: STILL WAITING ON PROFESSIONAL PICS. Misha Earle initially told me 4-6 weeks and we are now at 8 soooooo hoping those come soon
  5. @@cassandraragin - I glad you liked it! the table clothes and the chair covers were included in the Ultimate wedding package for up to 20 people (including bride and groom)
  6. @ WesnKris haven't gotten my pics back yet, but I can tell you that as a photographer and a person, she was great to work with. we did nothing but laugh! she even put my husband at ease who is someone that hates getting his picture taken! she came prepared knowing the shots that she wanted to take and was open to my suggestion of some! ill let you know more when I get the pictures which is 4-6 wks from wedding and should be coming up soon!
  7. SWOK

    SWO wedding

    Wedding at Secrets: Wild Orchid in 2013
  8. great great thread! had my wedding at secrets wild orchid link to review: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/75803-my-secrets-wild-orchid-jamaica-wedding-review-planning-thread-2013-by-swok/?do=findComment&comment=1820664
  9. just got back from my Jamaica wedding! trust me, it will all be perfect! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/75803-swok-secrets-wild-orchid-jamaica-wedding-review-planning-thread-2013/?p=1820664
  10. Hello all! I just got back form my wedding at secrets wild orchid in December 2013 and it was amazing! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/75803-swok-secrets-wild-orchid-jamaica-wedding-review-planning-thread-2013/?p=1820664 trust me, it was all be perfect and don't stress! good luck planning!
  11. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/75803-swok-secrets-wild-orchid-jamaica-wedding-review-planning-thread-2013/?p=1820664 just added my planning thread on secrets wild orchid
  12. just added my wedding review on secrets wild orchid http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/75803-swok-secrets-wild-orchid-jamaica-wedding-review-planning-thread-2013/?p=1820664
  13. my wedding review at secrets wild orchid http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/75803-swok-secrets-wild-orchid-jamaica-wedding-review-planning-thread-2013/?p=1820664
  14. Just posted my wedding planning thread from my wedding at secrets wild orchid! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/75803-swok-secrets-wild-orchid-jamaica-wedding-review-planning-thread-2013/?p=1820664
  15. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/75803-swok-secrets-wild-orchid-jamaica-wedding-review-planning-thread-2013/?p=1820664 Just put up my review form my wedding on Dec 3 at secrets wild orchid!
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