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  1. Perfect thank you! Did you notice if the club was open at night and going. Also is there beach a ok size our ceremony and reception are suppose to be on the beach but i hear it's really small.
  2. Hi Kim I don't know how do the qoute thing so hopefully you get this. For me as a boudoir photographer, you have to ask lots of question of whatever photographer you choose all are so different, I do edit for things like cellulite but i don't over edit as this is meant to be a reflection of you not fake. When picking someone check their portfolio this is not something you want to pick price over quality on, you want to look at the pics after and go Hot Damn, you want someone who knows boudoir well and how to work with all different types of women. I always prep my clients on how to prepare for a boudoir shoot from clothing options to what to do the week of and what to expect. The biggest thing for me is shooting for the clients body type knowing the right angles, how to hide the areas they are sensitive about and brining out their attributes. Everyone no matter what size or age has things they can pick apart on themselves it's my job to find out what and work to make them less noticable. The biggest thing I can say is just do it, quit looking in the mirror and picking yourself apart, you are focusing on one thing not the whole image and what you see he doesn't. It is the most amazing experience, it will give you a new perspective on yourself and make you feel incrediable and of course an amazing gift for him. With lingerie go pick out one outfit you don't need a ton, victoria secret can be very helpful if you tell them why you are buying it. Make sure you feel good in it that will reflect in the photo's back to the Hot Damn. Other then that I usually suggest a cute sexy sweater or shirt and a bra and underwear set that's it. If you never wear lingerie he will be so stoked to see you in one piece it will not matter you've already wowed him right there. Side note get your make-up and hair proffessionally done doesn't matter if you usually don't wear make-up this is an investment and you wouldnt spend 10,000 on your wedding and then use plastic forks and paper napkins. It makes the world of difference in photos and adds to making you feel again Hot Damn! Here is my boudoir blog not to plug it but just to give ideas, there is also tips on there that can be helpful no matter who you go to. http://redlipstickboudoir.blogspot.ca/ another thing that lots don't think about boudoir is a great way to prep for wedding photos I know sexy bedroom photos verses loving wedding photos a bit different but not really, you want to look your best in your photos on your wedding day and having practice in how to make yourself look the most Hot Damn pays off. My boudoir brides are much more aware of how to look their best and what works to bring out their attributes on their wedding day. Side note the resort your getting married at I just photographed a destination wedding at in January so if you have any questions i may be able to help Lots of info hope it helps
  3. Has anyone actually tried the limes cut in the vase at a wedding we did a trial at home and it took so many to do just one vase and they didn't keep for very long. Just wanted to see if anyone was happy with it and how they worked out
  4. Unfortunatly I can't see photos of your centerpieces guess cause I am to new. Would love to see them. Also with Micheals if you go when they arent busy they will let you run a 40% off coupon through more then one time. Did all my flowers through them so far.
  5. I would love that this whole forum thing is very confusing to me so hopefully I see your comments. As for the grey linen we went with studio suits and they are amazing ordered a trial pair fit perfect then ordered the rest all great would totally recommend them.
  6. Just a note before spending money with the soleless sandals. I have been to many destination weddings as a photographer and the sand is almost always to hot to go without anything for a extended period of time. For Groom gift doing a boudoir shoot, done so many for so many brides and it's always a hit so excited for mine.
  7. As far as I can see Tommy Bahama doesn't make long enough though he's 6'5 and so is 3 of his groomsmen
  8. I am in search of grey linen pants for my FI who is 6'5 and so are our groomsmen. I ordered from studio suits turned out great but they don't have a light grey. Le Chateu doesn't carry long enough any suggestions are appreciated.
  9. Planning our wedding for Feb 2015 at the reef coco beach in Mexico as we wanted really small. Would love to know if anyone has been there, any helpful hints or wish I knew's. I am a photographer and have photographed and attended many destination weddings if i can help with anything for anyone else let me know. One thing we are struggling with is linen grey pants can't seem to find a light grey for reasonable any help appreciated. Cheers
  10. I am trying to find a bag pipper in and around the playa del carmen area I found one online out of Canada but he charges $1700.00 way out of my budget. This is a suprise for my fiance any help would be so appreciated
  11. This is a review of:

    StudioSuits - Linen Suits - $99

    Really Happy

    Pros: great price fit really good
    Cons: color selection with grey's
    We ordered my FI custom pants and they fit near perfect out a inch in the waist but really I think he lost weight. Wish they had more grey color selection as we will have to go with someone else for our wedding cause of color
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