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  1. Jcoke! I am so glad you had a good experience with Doris! She's so sweet. Can't wait to see your pics!
  2. Jamie5280, I used the salon at the Moon Palace and had the best experience. I loved my hair and makeup and I was skeptical about makeup b/c I always feel drag queenish after but I really thought Doris at the NIzuc salon did the most AMAZING job. If you pm your email, I can share some pics with you.
  3. No sorry, II got my makeup and hair done by Doris from the NIzuc salon, she was AMAZING! I always look like a drag queen after I get my hair and makeup done but I actually loved everything she did! I don't think you can really get around getting them a day pass.
  4. ChipmunkRN, A day pass will be just fine. I ended up booking a room for my photographers but my guests with day passes had no issues. Wish I would have known and saved some money.
  5. Hey Ladies! I miss wedding planning so that's why I am still a lurker but I wanted to share something for the ladies that want to use their bouquets as centerpiece and want something cute to hold them in. I saw this when I was planning my wedding but had already ordered centerpieces from Deco. It's cute and easy to pack so check it out! http://www.blumebox.com
  6. Krsmith - isn't Teresa amazing? She handled my wedding this past May and I am so glad she did! She even was able to refund our money a month before the wedding since we ended up hitting the numbers and got our whole stay comped. I highly recommend Teresa to anyone! BTW, Teresa is free to you but I am sure she gets a kickback from the resort. Also, if you ever have a hard time getting ahold of your wedding coordinator, let Teresa know. She will contact her Palace contact and help you get in touch with your wc.
  7. LanaM, I jam shocked to hear they are charging $225/golf cart. I was married this past Memorial Day weekend and I got married at the Chapel on the NIzuc side and had my reception in the Star Ballroom on the Sunrise side and my wc advised me to rent a one way shuttle form the ceremony to the reception since I had 90 guests and we wanted to guarantee that everyone got to the reception on time. They only charged me $75/bus. I got 2 since a bus only seats like 40 guests. t was basically the same bus that takes you from lobby to lobby but it was only reserved for my guests. Can you look into that?
  8. Rae, Since you only have 23 guests you probably don't need too many maracas. The gift shop at the MP sells them. I saw 3 sizes and the medium sized ones were like 2 for $5. Not bad. I am sure you could get them cheaper on the street or bring them with you but maybe its not bad since it will save you the hassle. They are pretty nice too:-)
  9. Yay Cynthia! I can't wait to hear all about it! Best Wishes to you and Luis:-)
  10. I know the price has gone up since my wedding. The hair is now $89 for bride updo, $98 for hair trial and makeup is $65. I had Doris and she was amazing! I loved how she did my hair and makeup. My wedding ceremony was at 4pm and my hair was at 11:30 and my makeup was at 1. I was out of the salon by 2. I felt like that was good since I didn't do pics with the groom beforehand and just getting ready pics.
  11. Kyndall your pics are really pretty! You looked beautiful! When did you get married? I am still waiting on my photos. Ivan said 2 months. That's so long to make a bride wait!
  12. The grand rooms are gorgeous and much bigger. My wedding coordinator got me a room over there the day of the wedding to get ready and it was perfect. Word of advice, ask for a room for your groom too. My groom was on Sunrise and I was on the Grand. My photog never made it to my groom's room to take pics b/c he ran out of time b/c he had to make sure to be at Nizuc for the chapel to take pics as everyone arrived.
  13. I rented a dance floor from Zuniga for my wedding last month. I was told I had to rent one and we didn't even get the option for the free brown checkered one. They sent me 3 pics for dance floors, a brown dance floor (actualy looked like black tarp), a white dance floor and a light up dance floor. The price ranged from $300-1000. I ended up going with the white dance floor for $500 which was nice but it was really small. I told them I had 90 guests and they said it would fit 100. It was more like for 50 ppl or less! I was kind of disappointed but o well. Wish I would have known about the free one!
  14. The contact for the spa was Karla. Her email is kestrada@leblancsparesort.com I had the best experience with Doris on the NIzuc side for my hair and makeup. She did exactly what I asked and she didn't make me look like a drag queen and was very natural for the wedding. Even through the sweat and wind, my makeup help up. Also, I have issues with getting raccoon eyes no matter if I use waterproof or not and she prepped my face so well that it looked great through the whole day!
  15. My group paid $11/person and from what I was told, the reason it was free was b/c the wedding was booked through a MP membership for the transfer to be included.
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