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Complete con
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StudioSuits - Linen Suits - $99

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By Miles, · 1,254 Views · 1 Comment

Pros: None
Cons: Poor workmanship, poor customer service, cheap quality.

There is nothing good to say about my experience with this dreadful company. The item took 3 months to come. When it came I was embarassed to wear it. It was hideous. The bottuns should have been round the chest, but were on the knees. The shoulders were huge. The belt was on the thighs. Dreadful customer service. Good like getting a reply from "Pearl." Please do not waste your money!

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100% true statement. I rolled the dice and lost $389.

Nothing was symmetrical with this suit and basically all measurements I had triple checked with three different tailors were off on the product they sent me. See the pictures for yourself. I ordered the Thomas Shelby Gray Tweed Suit and look at what I got.

I ordered a custom suit with specific measurements down to.25 of an inch. All of these specification were fields on the custom ordering part of the website. All fields were filled out precisely and I have screenshots of those measurements along with some being listed in my receipts. The suit I received in the mail had 50% of the measurements completely wrong from.25 of an inch to over three (3) inches from the measurements I provided. This massive difference in measurements has rendered this suit unusable to me without significant tailoring and additional cost. I attempted to resolve the issue with the company, even providing detailed photos with measurements and have only been told various versions of "these are custom hand made garments, we use more hand made techniques, these garments may have some differences" which is NOT listed ANYWHERE on their website which I also took screenshots of. I have all emails saved with the company demonstrating a lack of willingness to rectify the situation, only offering me $25 for tailoring which would barely cover tailoring a single leg of the pants. The product I ordered and the one I received are in no way the same and again, completely unusable and they are refusing to remedy things.

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