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Never risk you money with someone you cannot hold accountable
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StudioSuits - Linen Suits - $99

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By onbsc, · 450 Views · 1 Comment

There is another website http://www.makeyourownjeans.com, which is of the same content as the http://www.studiosuits.com. Seems to me they kind of lack accountability by using two websites to get orders. I tried to enter my data on their website, but found no entries for arm size, which is so important to make a suit that is good for me. So I will never send money to them, especially they are in India where the internet scams are so popular. Pay more dollars to get a decent suit here in the States or Canada. 

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I had an extremely HORRIBLE experience with this company (Studiosuits). I had 8 guys order suits for my wedding . The ones who actually got the suit all had problems, some major, some minor. Whatever. The bigger problem is they have zero customer service. No phone numbers, only email, (if your lucky to get one back)! I leterslly spent 2 weeks emailing their company and got nothing but a middle finger.


My suit was, I would say a 3/10. The front looked decent and the vest was pretty nice. The back,shoulders, and tail were a complete mess. The 3 tailors I took it to literally laughed. When I asked what could be done (on several occasions) they basically shut the door in my face. They blamed it on my measurements, which were correct, and then stopped answering my emails. You know the groom who just made this company thousands of dollars. It gets worse...

one of my groomsmen never even got his suit. He placed the order almost 4 months ahead of time. He and I both send several emails begging for an update and nothing but sarcastic remarks, especially from their employee Pearl!

Final result, I ended up buying another suit from a real company and my lonely groomsmen went elsewhere, bc he had no other option..

This company is a joke.. they might advertise a custom hand made suit but they are garbage. By far the worst customer service I've ever had to deal with. I very much recommend go somewhere else. I will be spreading this disaster to as many people I can..

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