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  1. I am getting married at Beaches SB 1/4/12!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt be more excited. I hope to post a review when I return as I am fully aware there is not a whole lot of info for this resort on this website; although there is getting to be more and more as the Beaches Sandy Bay Brides Unite!!!!!!!!! I will post pictures as well. Let me tell you a few brief things about my upcoming nuptuals. At this time we are scheduled to have a 4pm ceremony with a 2hr reception/dinner to follow. I have not decided on the location of either yet but I am thinking about the Georgian gazebo and the lawn for the reception. I am taking my own flowers. I have made OOT bags for each room instead of each guest due to baggage expense and limitations. My TA has planned us a private 6hr excursion Tuesday before the ceremony and we will be going to the Rum factory and Dunne's falls. Sorry for the random blurts; if you have any other questions let me know!! Best of luck and happy planning!!
  2. I just received mine that I made on Vistaprint. They are business card sized w/ a pic of Redstripe bottles in the sand on the from and Jamaica written in sand on the back w/ notation lines for Name, address, phone #. I think I could probably spare 8 if you are interested; let me know. I am putting them in these clear nametag type holders and I have the plastic luggage straps to use with them. I will try to get a pic posted.
  3. I made them for my OOT bags w/ the info for our snapfish acct. On them I gave them the directions w/ the website and password to access & upload photos from the vacation with a little saying on them. Hopefully I can get a pic of them on here soon for ya. I thought the magnet was a good idea (hello...their free!) so that peeps can put them on their fridge when they return home instead of tossing them on a counter and accidentally tossing them in the trash.
  4. Awesome question! I hope we get some answers soon! hint hint, wink wink
  5. "shane" daneel is my WC for Beaches SB wedding. the script was "God" heavy (I am non denominational & believe in God but it is just not "me"). It is pretty darn short too; I mean I want a quicker ceremony but its like 12 or 14 font & fits on 1 page so that would be super fast!! I have found out that we can write our own vows &/or ceremony.
  6. Lord do I feel your pain!! Last week was "Let the complaining begin" week for me! Grrrrrrrrrrr. I was so hoping it would never come....I mean I had gone 9mos with no complaints and for crying out loud we are all going to Jamaica and leaving crappy-a$$ Kansas weather behind in January and I am pretty sure I didnt pull anyone's leg and FORCE them to come. Why cant people just be happy and shut it! shew....thanks for letting me vent!
  7. I am not certain but I know they have kid type foods at the "grill" type restaurant. chicken fingers, etc. I am sure you could email your WC and they would get that info for you.
  8. I am having the ONE steel drummer for 1hr $250 (1/2 hr at ceremony and 1/2hr at reception. My MIL is splurging for us and getting us a 2hr sit down reception dinner for our 40 friends/family, DJ & bar extension for 3rd hr. Makeup $55 24 cupcakes $70 in addition to BB 2 tier cake My daughter will us the bridal bouquet and I am having an artificial flower bouquet made here at home and taking to Jamaica with us to use. Since we have so many peeps booked we are getting the "free" rehearsal sit down dinner, bridal mani-pedi & groom massage. I'm getting "screwed" of the upgrade in room because the resort is sold-out! poo-poo! They wanted to charge for a microphone for the 1st part of reception to make announcements since DJ wont be set up yet....I said...NO. Other than then charging for every little thing things are going well and I am still super excited. If you PM me I can forward you my recent quote. They do reduce the price for kids 13 & younger for the dinners!! They make menu exceptions for kids and vegetarians too.
  9. Handing out at the airport is a great idea. I wont be flying out with all of my guests from the same airport or same day but atleast I can unload about 7 of them and make more room in my extra luggage and get rid of some of the weight! Thanks!
  10. I too bought a bunch of my "first-aid"/personal items at Dollartree! huge money saver. I also purchased the multipacks of razors cuz who hasnt gone on vaca and forgot their razor? They have a multi-pack with multi-colors which was fun for the girls. And larger tubes of spf30 suntan lotion for only $1 each. I have found that Staples was sucessful for me for the large box of individually packaged Tylenol and hand wipes.
  11. At Target I found a bunch of bug spray and wipes on clearance for CHEAP too!!
  12. Why is the original thread locked now? I received an email that I one a pair of the "just married" flip flops!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! Woohoo - hope this isnt a scam????
  13. I think it looks great and I think you look perfect in it. If I were going to change anything it would probably be shortening the train or losing it completely. As for 20lbs I agree with the other lady on here; do you want to limp down the aisle. Dont be silly - you look beautiful...we all have self-image issues when we know everyone will be eyeballin us down the aisle but you have to believe us - you look great!
  14. Sorry, I had a conference call w/ Shane today and forgot to ask. Can we write our own ceremony &/or vows for Beaches ceremony. The "script" he emailed me is NOT what I am wanting on my wedding day. Also can anyone point me in the direction of a helpful website for vows?
  15. So you mailed them from Jamaica? Was the postage the same as if you mailed them from US? Then I just might do this to help assure I receive them - lol.
  16. I have lots of fabric from my daughters bm dress since the store received tea length and we ordered knee length! lol This looks like a neat idea I am just not sure where to find the middle embelishment for it? We have a Hobby Lobby in town....which section should I start with?
  17. Thanks - I didnt know about these packages and the album is what I would really like to have. I have seen one and I loved it. Best of luck and congrats!
  18. You can lead a horse to water.........very disappointing. I am in fear of this myself but I'm gonna give it a go. I am curious though; do we put regular postage for postcards on them or is it more if peeps mail from the resort while we are there???
  19. I have wondered same thing! My friends who have been to Jamaica say you dont need them...blah blah blah, the salt water makes you buoyant. I know this but I think it is a "fun" idea. I bought some water toys at Target just recently in their $1 bins to put in the OOT bags. I also wonder if some resorts dont have rafts????
  20. I just sent you a fb request! I cant wait to see your pics and here your review!!
  21. So my fiance is starting to flip out at the "outrageous" costs associated with our wedding and I thought I was being pretty reasonable! Anyway, he is kinda flippin out at the cost of the photo packages; starting at $1200 he thinks is absolutely ridiculous. So I need to know can you work with them about the cost or is it a done deal; take it or leave it sort of thing? We will have four people with us that will be taking photos that do a fairly good job at photography but the photog's @ Sandal's are professionals and specialize in wedding photog. so I am pretty nervous about just relying on what my friends take for us. Please help with any advice - I will pay the price if the photos are awesome no question about it I just wondered if there was any wiggle room! THANKS!!!!!
  22. Same boat here...im getting married in January and my TA even went and MET Chloe! ugh. Shane has been timely at responding but I am getting politically correct answers to my questions if you get my drift and its kinda starting to hack me off! I want answers!!!! Chloe was so honest and actually answered my questions. I have his email if you need it and his phone extension. He told me today that we need to talk on the phone and he would call me Sept 20th!!!! Will NOT do!!! What type of reception are you having? He has confused me by telling me today that there is a buffet type and a la carte type reception dinner. I dont recall seeing anything about this in the packet they have sent me. We will get through this. I have some other threads on here about Sandy Bay and the ladies are very kind and helpful! Hang in there!!
  23. i just sent an email to Jamaican Tourist Bureau to see if I can get some of these guides to send w/ my luggage tags! Thanks for another great tip!
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