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  1. Happy New Years Ladies! This is our year!
  2. Brandy those are some of the cutest flip flops I've seen!! I need to find a good pair cuz lord know I cant wear those damn heels all night lol.
  3. Thanks Ladies! Melody I thought I was the only one that notices that on the site. We should send emails to them. Maybe if enough people write they can post real wedddings before our ceremonies. I'm going to look for some contact info when I get a chance. I am also doing a wedding in the Gardens because I don't want to deal with sand and windy conditions.
  4. I'm trying to go with colors in my theme. I think I may do yellow and green.... If you and your Fiance have special colors that mean something to you both, maybe you can also do those..
  5. Tenny and muitoquerida, love your shoes!! Very different Tenny, and Querida, love the bling Quote: Originally Posted by Tennyt1 My shoes
  6. I don't know what I'm going to do with those flowers from the original Chic theme. I have to figure that one out. My BM dresses are apple green. I was thinking of doing the yellow roses for them mixed with the green orchids or whatever the green thing is dyllibruim..or something like that. I think I am also doing the ivory rose bouquet mixed with the calla lillies and I'll add bouquet jewels. For the moms we will do callalillies and yellow roses corsages. And the groomsmen and grooms are up in the air as of now.... I'm not sure exactly where my reception is going to be at. I will do my best to pick one out before hand but I think we will have to see it in person to make the final decision. Also it depends on how many guests book. We expect 75-100 guests, so some places only hold to 75, while others have more space. So either way I have to wait on that decision. Where and When is your wedding again? I tried to look at your profile but no updates.. I love th gold dress ideas! I want to find a gold dress for my mom.
  7. Congrats Lea! I can't wait to see your pics! I hope you post some. I can't even imagine how you feel. BTW, awesome that your going to Negril after. We're thinking about going for a few days after the wedding and trying to figure out which resort. Let me know how Couples turns out! Blessings for you Both! Happy New Year and Congrats again!
  8. I have no idea what any of these costs! But I need bouquets for the BM's and I don't like the long orchids used for the C and N theme. So either way I have to get them. I will ask my WC this week and let you know the prices she quotes me. I'm sure the purple centerpiecs look lovely! I wanted to add more floral to my centerpieces but they say I can't. This is one of the things that pisses me off. Let me do what I want to. Either way your getting paid!!! And what frustrates me is that different people tell me different things. They tell you no outside vendors, but you can really bring them if you complain and threaten to cancel lol. It's all a game sometimes. Keep trying to work your way around them. Sometimes you have to be a Bridezilla to get things done..
  9. DEEP BREATH GIRL!!! Your going to be alright. IThat might be me in a few months lol. I personally love the J. Alba pic. I mean both are beautiful no matter which way you choose, my only concern is that hump thats in the Carrie pic. How will that go with your veil etc, and stay during the day. Don't let the stress get to you. Just focus on one task a day. Everyone freaks out, but in the end it'll be PERFECT . Hair colored, mani, pedi, waxing, facial etc is easy and can be done the day before you leave. Just spend the day on that stuff and make sure you pack as much as you can beforehand. As far as the weight, don't be blinded by numbers. It's how you feel lady. I'm sure whether you lose 10 or 20, your Fiance will still be in awe when you walk down the aisle. Be confident, everything will be ok!
  10. I forgot to add that my colors are cream,brown, apple/clover green, and a little bit of yellow.
  11. Hey WJ, I'm so glad you started this thread since it's also been on my mind. I am doing the chic and natural theme and my BM colors are apple grree. I also loved the chic and natural white rose Bouquet. I was thinking of doing that with calla lillies.I will also be adding a little bling to my bouquet with bouquet jewels. For my Bridesmaids I was thinking of doing the yellow rose with green dendrobiums mixed in. These aren't definites. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out combinations. Their choices are quite limiting. I also heard that the resorts may also have other flowers that aren't listed in the brochure which also adds to the confusion Not to mention I am NOT a flower person. Have you had any ideas so far?
  12. Good to know others are having a pretty big group like mines. I'm having 80-120 guests. So far 50 have booked. I guess everyone needs a little vacation lol. Congrats ladies and Happy Holidays!!
  13. Never been, but LIKE and want to go! Fruit cake? ;/
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