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  1. Adrian and Bianca did my hair and make up. http://www.stylingtriorivieramaya.com/
  2. Yep! They had shows every night, snorkeling, kayaking, a monkey tour, water stuff like volleyball, I think they had salsa lessons too. Lots to do, I hit up the beach and spa mostly!
  3. Yea we went to Playacar and Xpu-ha but not the moon. My parents have been there before though and they enjoyed it. Aventura has a Mexican vibe with the decor and I think the moon is more "resort" feeling, if that makes sense.
  4. I got married at Aventura palace and had to get a day pass for the photographer and hair and make up. For me it was totally worth it because I loved both my photos and makeup/hair.
  5. I used Adrian! I did a trial and the day of. He is really sweet and easy going, you could try to negotiate the prices with him. Here are some of our photos so you can see hair and make up. http://www.victorherrera.com.mx/adrian/?p=860
  6. Here are some photos so you can see Adrian's work. http://www.victorherrera.com.mx/adrian/
  7. We packed ours with bubble wrap on the way back and kept it in the carry on so it didn't move too much. The sand didn't mix much more really. You can still see the way it was poured. Maybe if you put it in your checked luggage it might get mixed around more.
  8. I loved my hair and make up! I went with Adrian and Bianca did my hair. Both were beyond fantastic!! http://www.stylingtriorivieramaya.com/
  9. Hey Lovely Ladies! I just got back yesterday from the Riviera Maya and everything was perfect! Adrian and Bianca were amazing and so much fun. I loved my make up and my hair! I'll post some photos soon! I would suggest them to everyone!
  10. Hey Everyone!! I just got back from Mexico yesterday!!! It was fabulous and the wedding was beyond perfect! I carried the sand on my carry on and it was no problem. I only got stopped once going through security in the u.s. and they did a test on a small bit of sand and that was it. Coming back to the states I wasn't stopped at all.
  11. Hey Everyone! There may be a thread on this already but how did you transport your colored sand down to the resort. This may sounds silly but can you just put 2 bags of sand on your carry on?? Thanks so much!!
  12. I don't think he has the prices on there. I emailed him and the prices he gave me seem to be consistent to what other brides were quoted at as well.
  13. Hi! I just booked Adrian for my hair and make up. He is super sweet and his prices are great. Here's his blog http://stylingtriorivieramaya.com/
  14. Thanks for recommending Adrian!! His prices are great and he is so sweet!
  15. I'm getting married in the Riviera in Dec. 2010 and we are going to use Adrian Herrera. His photos are amazing and they have really awesome prices on packages. They have been really easy to work with so far. Â http://www.victorherrera.com.mx/adrian/
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