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  1. Hi Sarah, Sandals Antigua was awesome! Our room was fabluous, we had the one bedroom honeymoon penthouse with Butler service. This was great because there was a separate living room and bedroom, so we could spread out while getting ready for the wedding. I think my biggest surprise was the beach. It is public and if you are planning to get married out there, it is very crowded and loud. I was supposed to get married out there at 4 pm and I went out the day before at 4 pm to see how it was and it was so bad I ended up changing my wedding location. When I mean loud, I mean loud mus
  2. Hi All, Just got back from Sandals Antigua with our wedding on April 20th. It was great! Just wanted to say I'll be glad to answer any questions you have!
  3. Hi everyone, I just returned from Sandals Antigua, we got married on 4/20/11 and it was perfect! Just wanted to say I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have!! We originally were getting married on the beach, but just to warn you the beach is public. When we went out the day before at 4 pm to see what it looked like, I was shocked. Very loud, topless girls in the ocean, music from the next resort, and people and vendors everywhere! I immediately went in and changed to a quieter location just inside the fence that separates Sandals from the public beach and it turned out great.
  4. Hi Lorimdw, Congrats on your wedding in just a few weeks!! We are getting married on April 20, 2011 at 4 pm and it's just the 2 of us also. We started out with a Monte Carlo suite, but later decided to upgrade to get butler service in the Penthouse suite. We are also doing the sand ceremony and trying to decide about the candlelight dinner. Ebony has also been my wedding coordinator and has been great, although I haven't had to do too much planning since we don't have any guests. I would love to hear how things go for you once you get back!!!
  5. Just the two of us are getting married there, so we are just having the private reception they provide. We are getting married at 4 pm and will probably have the private dinner on the beach that evening. Are you doing a reception?
  6. Welcome! Excited to hear you are also getting married at Sandals Antigua! We are getting married April 20, 2011 there. We recently decided to upgrade to the 1 bedroom honeymoon penthouse suite with butler service, so are really excited about that! Let us know if you have any questions!!
  7. Ebony did respond to my email and is still there. I posted on the SandalsWeddingmoon facebook page that she is still there. That was where I read that she was on no longer there. Glad that drama is over! It's just to 2 of us at the wedding, so will be very intimate. We wanted it that way. We added the sand ceremony to the beautiful beginnings package, and that's it! We have decided to upgrade our room to the one bedroom penthouse in the new section so that we have a butler and room service. We were in the Monte Carlo. Which room type are you in??
  8. That is so strange that several people, including a few Travel Agents thought she was gone!! But, good news. I just sent her an email with what I had heard, so we'll see if she replies.
  9. Unfortunately, Ebony is who my coordinator was!! I had a good experience with her to and she was not pushy at all. I was really surprised to find out she is gone. I heard that the new contact is Dania x 4814. I have not contacted her yet, but will if I don't hear anything soon. Let me know if you hear anything!!
  10. Hi! I found out the other day that my wedding planner is no longer with Sandals. Who did you speak with?? I need to find out about a replacement. I was not contacted, but saw it on facebook. They have a Weddingmoon page and it is very helpful. My wedding is April 20th, I can't wait.
  11. The latest "free" wedding time is 4 pm, but you can get married later than that if you select one of the packages. I am getting married at 4 pm at Sandals Antigua in April 2011. The process has been very easy so far.
  12. Thanks for your comments on the ceremony and deocr looking like the pictures! Glad that you got to go to the resort before planning your wedding there. I think we are going to get married in the beachfront gazebo or maybe right on the beach. Â At first we had booked the Grande Luxe Beachfront Concierge Room on the Caribbean side because it is so close to the beach, but after reading alot of negative reviews on tripadvisor about how old and outdated the rooms were, we switched to the new section. Which room did you stay in during your previous stay? The Monte Carlo looks really nice,
  13. Hi, So great to hear from you!! You probably have alot more to do/plan that I do since you will be bringing guests with you. We are staying in the Monte Carlo Honeymoon Suite. What about you? We are just going to do the Beautiful Beginnings package since it is just us, but probably will add the sand ceremony. What time of day is your wedding? We are scheduled for 4 pm. Â Look forward to hearing more! Â Caroline
  14. Hi, I've seen alot of posts from brides getting married at Sandals Jamaica, and am wondering if there are any brides out there getting married at Sandals Antigua? I'm getting married there in April 2011, just the two of us and we are really excited. I'd love to chat, and hear any advice if anyone has any!
  15. Hi, I am getting married at Sandals Antigua in April 2011. Having my first meeting with the wedding coordinator by phone next week. She has sent picture info and they seem to be quite pricey. Wondering if we should wait and select a package once we get there?? Also, does anyone know if it is true if we have to go into town to get the marriage license or if it's done on site? Â Thanks!
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