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  1. This is exactly what I was looking for... I am glad that I found this.
  2. This is perfect, Thank you for posting this.
  3. You ladies just gave me a great idea to have my toes done the same color as my maid of honor's dress. Thanks
  4. mdcoug

    May 2012

    5 Days until we leave for Turks and Caicos. YIPPIE
  5. mdcoug

    May 2012

    Yeemein, You guys look like you had a blast. Congrats! Your photos are awesome.
  6. mdcoug

    May 2012

    HI Sharon99, Your pictures are beautiful, I love your hair.
  7. This is good to know, I am going to be adding this as well, but I will do it once we get to the resort...good thing I will only be using it for the hour. Tomorrow is the big day....Super excited for you guys.
  8. Oh me oh my I am 5 Days away from leaving and of course I am just realizing that I still haven't done a couple of things. eeekkkkk
  9. Hi Kisha 311, I used a TA, for the following reasons: It would give anyone I invited another person to call and ask ALL their questions someone to deal with the last minute folks. It would give them someone else to call besides me! oh yeah I mentioned that already (Haa Haa) I knew I would not have to time or patience to deal with trying to get however many people's travel arrangements together. The TA I used stated that if people wanted to book just the rooms with her that was fine, and they could look for their own flight but if someone found a flight that was cheaper they would go and look for that exact same flight. The prices that the TA offer and what the resort offer should be the same, the only difference may be how everyone handles group bookings (if you are blocking off rooms). One difference was she offered insurance (for a price of course) that the airline's are not. I am sure they have the insurance where you can get your airfare back but this also covered any money that you paid for the room as well. I suggested that all of my guest get it, and thank goodness I did. We had two guest cancel last month, and they were able to get ALL their money back minus the insurance cost. My TA also helped me make a brochure for the people who were on the fence because they thought it was expensive. So we made a little brochure so they could see everything that they were paying for, plus it was nice having someone else on your side when the crazy family drama starts about your destination wedding (I don't wish that on anyone). I will say this not all TA's are made equal, I was going to work with one until she made a smart a** comment about something to me and we were done from that point, so make sure it is someone that you can work with if you do decide to use one. I hope this helps.
  10. You are soo right on the money, it is our Wii characters. My got the idea from my girlfriend, and just had to borrow it.
  11. Hi Jass7, I ordered it from Paul Pape Designs Store www.paulpapedesigns.com/Store.html He is really easy to work with. Cherie
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