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  1. We just got married at Beaches Sandy Bay on June 21. We had a GREAT time and I wanted to share pictures with this forum. Here they are. If you have any questions, please ask. Sadly BSB will be closing it's doors and changing it's name from the Beaches family in September for anyone that didn't know. I have many pics of the resort and loved every moment there. Just ask and I will post what you are looking for. We made these into 'Thank you' cards. They turned out great on Vistaprint! The gazeebo at BSB where we got married My daughter wit
  2. I'm getting married in June at beaches Sandy Bay. We have privileges at both Beaches Sandy Bay and Beaches Negril (Larger and more expensive) so it's like 2 for 1 deal. It's kid friendly with sesame street characters and was one of the better deals in Negril for all inclusive I think. We are paying average of $2000/pp for flight and hotel/all inclusive.
  3. My sister is getting married there at 4pm on June 19th. (I am June 21st so our family could be at both weddings) She's going to also do the 2 hour reception and we figured since by then it would already be after 7pm that most people would probably end up just hanging around and partying with each other anyway. We are all staying at BSB so it makes it easy to get back to the room after celebrating all night! We do have kids that will be there too so unless the bride and groom ditch the kids for the night going out to a club is off the table for them. Good luck with your planning!!
  4. That's great, you are so close to your date!!!! I can't wait to hear about your experiences and see your pictures. I search and search and everything that's out there I've already seen. I need some new pictures to look at while day dreaming about being there lol. Best of look to you and your upcoming nuptuals. I can't wait to see the happy ending
  5. Beaches Sandy Bay caters to kids it seems and is a smaller resort. ( they have sesame street character's) That's why we chose it. The price is between $1700-$2k pp depending when you book it seems. We booked September and our price has dropped already (with the travel insurance). It seemed to be the best option for an all inclusive that's kid friendly in negril. And a little cheaper than Beaches Negril that we can also use with the all inclusive. I believe negril is a little mire expensive than other areas in Jamaica. Good luck in your search
  6. I'm getting married at Beaches Sandy Bay in June next year, I get to pay a little less that Beaches Negril and have full privileges there too. It's like getting a 2 for 1 deal!!! I'm sure by now you have found your resort
  7. Congratulations to any other BSB brides!! I get married next June and can't wait!! I have spoken to Shane (the WC) and have most details figured out. Now all I can do is wait! I wanted to start a new thread on here for 2012 brides. Please share your planning and questions and answers and anything else you can think of. I decided to get married in the Roman gazebo. I've seen several pictures of it, and now I hear there has been a 'top' added. Does anyone have pictures of this by chance? Anyone going early in 2012, is ther any chance you could take a picture of it for me? Please?!
  8. Congratulations to all the new brides and future brides!! I get married next June at the gazebo in Beaches Sandy Bay. I've seen pictures of the gazebo, and now I was wondering if anyone has some updates pictures. I heard there is now a 'top' on the gazebo and would love to see pictures of it. Thanks!
  9. Congrats to all the new Brides! I hope you all had the most beautiful day you could have imagined. I'm getting married next June at Beaches Sandy Bay in the Roman gazebo. I keep seeing different pictures of this gazebo and I'm not sure what one is actually the one at Sandy Bay. Can anyone post a current one for me? I hear it now has a top Thanks ladies!!
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