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  1. Hey Ladies! I would really like to know if any all inclusive resort in Jamaica has the option for Horse and Carriage? My theme is fairytale and I would love to have that. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey! Thanks so much! Congratulations to you too. How much did your guest pay and as well as you guys for your wedding budget? Of course, if you do not mind...
  3. Hello Joyce! Thanks for the feedback. I am trying to find a resort that is family friendly, price friendly for my guests and also with beautiful grounds and ceremony sites. I would love to do the horse and carriage also. I want to build up a solid list that include what i look for in a resort. Know of any?
  4. Does anyone know which resort is the most affordable one out of the two? New Jade or Moon Palace? I would love to know, Moon Palace looks amazing and so does Now Jade. I can't chose!
  5. HEY GALS! I am trying to get as much info as possible on resorts that have beautiful grounds as well as ceremony sites. I will also love for my guests not to have to pay too much for the stay. I want to know as much as I can. I would also like to see what is out there. I am pretty lost, I keep seeking for answers but I am not getting enough. I would love to hear from Brides To Be as well as Former Brides... If you can kindly please direct me to your blog if any with reviews and photos, or just post experiences here, I would appreciate it so much! Thanks in advance and hope to hear from a lot of you..
  6. Hey gals! I am trying to find the perfect match. I would love to find a resort in Jamaica, preferably in Negril or Montego Bay, where they hold beautiful weddings. With prices that won't hurt my guests, beautiful resort ground and ceremony sites. I would love to hear from Brides to Be, if they already have their resort and/or former brides. I feel like I have not really got enough feedback. Any opinions? Thanks in advance...
  7. Hello! I would really love to know where in Jamaica is the best, AFFORDABLE ALL INCLUSIVE resort to celebrate a wedding? -Keeping in mind; *family friendly *premium drinks *beautiful beach and sites to hold ceremony and reception I really want a resort where it wont break my guests pockets...any opinions??? THIS is open to former brides and brides to be...THANKS in advance
  8. Hey! My price range is from $1000-1200, tops. But also considering not all of them will stay a whole week there. They will probably stay 4 nights.
  9. Keeping in mind a family resort and affordable for guests... I would love to here from anyone with awesome reviews, thanks!
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