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  1. Wow - I am so impressed! I'd never heard of mypublisher before and I've even found a mypublisher UK so I can do it - yey! A couple of questions for you: 1. How did you get all of the little graphics in the background (the stamps and notecards etc)? Were they offered on the site or did you upload them yourself? 2. Were the photos your professional photos or did you just use ones that friends and family took over the week?
  2. Thanks X-Chan, that's really helpful. Cutting the butter makes so much more sense than trying to spoon it out with a tablespoon measure! Who'd think it'd be so different between the UK and US?!
  3. Hey all, I'm British and living in the UK (planning a DW in Australia). I love to bake and have just bought a couple of really great cookbooks, but they're from the US and the measurements are quite different! In the UK, we measure flour, butter etc by weight (grams or ounces) with a weighing scale. I just pour the flour into the big measuring bowl and that's it. I've noticed that all of the US measurements are in cups, which is fine as I have a set of cups (a gift from Disney World!), but I'd like to ask how you measure dry and wet ingredients. For example, do you put the cup into
  4. Fantastic job! My FSIL (who makes stationery for a living) will be making my passports, but I definitely want to include the envelope liners and wax seals - at last - something I can do myself!
  5. Hi all, like lots of people, I'm planning on including postcards in my OOT bags, one to send back to us for our guest book and one to send to family and friends if they wish. A question for those who've done this - did you put a stamp on either or both of the cards? I tend to think that they're more likely to send it back if we put a stamp on it but should we stamp the additional one for family and friends or will this just be a waste of money?
  6. If she's already mentioned details of the wedding to you and everybody else in your team is invited, then I'd also say it was an oversight (unless you've done something to upset her in the meantime!). I agree with the suggestion of emailing her - good luck!
  7. I order from the UK site, so it may be different (in fact, the label says they're printed in Belgium!) but mine usually arrive in less time than 21 days. As I'm in no rush, I always pick the slow delivery, but it's usually here within 2 weeks, rather than 3. If you were in a real rush though, I would pick the quicker option.
  8. I've always been a bit in two minds about it. We're not staying at a resort (we're in a city), so not all of our guests will be staying in the same hotel. This means that someone (FI hopefully!) will have to spend a whole day in a taxi driving round to people's hotels. Also, with not staying at a resort, we can't really include the fabulous things I've seen on here such as key card/tip holders, beach equipment etc. I've been to two DWs and haven't had anything like this (we didn't have favours at all). I think it's pretty unheard of in the UK, so I really want to make my guests feel spec
  9. In the UK, we don't have bridal showers, we only have hen nights/hen weekends, which would be the equivalent of your bachelorette parties in the US, so there wouldn't be any gifts, just the cost of attending the party and the activity and accommodation if it's a weekend. My sisters in law are trying to convince me to have one, but I feel awkward asking people to spend money when they either can't afford to come to our DW/are already spending lots of money to come/are only invited to the AHR. A lot of weddings in the UK are split into "day guests" and "evening guests" where close fr
  10. LOvely thread - I really love your flowers! Where is the UK thread? I've never come across that and would like to have a look!
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