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  1. Im going with Ivory because of my skin tone and I tend to get a little flush when Im hot or nervous. I figured the last thing I need is the white making me look whiter... or redder!
  2. Niiiice! So much info... Im gonna be on this site for a while!
  3. I bought my fiance an Android Tablet... he's been wanting one for a while now... I gotta take care of my technology geek.
  4. $80 for a hoodie! There's no way to justify that! I think Im going to check out Amazon.com, but thanks for the ideas & links!
  5. Great ideas! Thank you so much for posting all the info. Im thinking silk flowers is the way to go!
  6. Wow!!!! This look so great! You really found some deals too! Thanks for posting the prices & photos!
  7. Wow, you must have worked hard on these! These look great! Thanks for posting so many pictures! Great ideas!
  8. OMGosh!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and posting to this! I didnt even know where to start... so many ideas from this thread... thank you, thank you, thank you!
  9. Wow! You're a very beautiful bride! The pictures look incredible. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Congrats! And if there's anything I've learned, you've come to the right place & info for ideas! Wish someone would have told me to come on here after I was newly engaged!
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