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  1. A stunning Pronovias by Manuel Mota Wedding Dress ‘Verso’ For Sale Size 4 Color: Natural Paid: $2,150.00 Asking: $1,000.00 or best offer The material is a gorgeous multi layered tulle, a shirred empire bodice with front draping and gathered bust. I purchased this dress and the elegant long sleeved layer for $2,150.00 (I still have the original tags). The long sleeved layer is perfect for any weather and is an absolutely stunning addition to this gown. The length has been taken up (train removed) to fit a 5'1'' person. I wore flip flops for my wedding. The long sleeve layer is a separate piece that is included in this offer. It has not been altered or even worn. The dress was worn for only about six hours and there are no stains, tears, and it is in mint condition. Dress image from google images: http://fashionbride.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/verso2.jpg If you would like to see more pictures or if you have any questions, please contact me. Thanks!
  2. I leave in 11 days for PF. I absolutely cannot wait!!! We were short two rooms and had to help 3 couples pay to stay at PF. An additional expense we were not expecting. If we would have been able to get all of our rooms booked we would have been around our budget but thats ok. I can come to terms with it. We have nothing left to do. Next sat we are actually having a "are you ready for Mexico Fiesta" so the guests can get to know each other and we can pass out the taxi directions and packing list. It has come up so quick. We visited PF lat Oct around this time to see what the weather was like so I can't wait to go back. I just hope it doesn't rain. Wish me luck...11 days and counting.
  3. Thanks for all your responses. At least I know we aren't the only ones having trouble filling rooms. I just wish it we weren't short six. I know it will all work out in the end. Thanks again. I will keep you posted on how it goes. 2.5 months left! Yay.
  4. For those of you PF brides did any of you have any empty rooms that you had to pay for? I am getting married in Oct this year and we are still short six rooms. I am really nervous. We are even at the point of paying $500 to cancel the photographer in Mexico to bring someone in to fill a room. We have just had some really bad luck with friends and family, deaths lost jobs etc. I feel like we are jinxing them. We did the partial takeover and have 12 rooms filled. We need 18. We have offered to pay half of the cost of the rooms for many people but still couldn't get them to come. We also have two couples staying offsite in a crappy condo . We offered to let them pay what they are at the condo and we will pay the rest but they didn't want to take our money. They just don't understand. Adam even broke down costs for us but they still wouldn't stay with us and they are in the wedding. Lets just say I want to kick them out!!! I don't know what else to do to fill rooms. I think we can get two more for sure but other than that we are stuck. We will have to pay for four rooms. Does anyone know what rate you pay? Since the rooms will be empty do we have to pay for the open bar/breakfast and the D&E if no one will be using it? we have had to cut things that we really wanted b.c we just can't fill the rooms. Anyone else have this problem? HELP!!!!
  5. So I have opted to do my own hair. I am nervous about using real flowers. I don't want them to die and I want it to stay. I also don't want to have to worry about wreaking the flowers and not having any for my hair or the bridesmaids hair. Has anyone heard of hair flowers made of Claycraft by DECO ? I am looking at purchasing one for me and the four bridesmaids so if anyone knows anything about this material please let me know. They look pretty real online and are very lightweight. Thanks for the input!
  6. Just to let you all know Playa Fiesta has a sandy beach right now. They don't know how long it is going to last or if it will but its there for those of you getting married in the near future. We did a site visit end of Oct. It as absolutely amazing! Better than I expected!!!!!
  7. Are they still for sale? You can PM if they are. I am interested.
  8. Hi. I'm getting married at PF in Oct 2009. Just wondering did you guys book the hotel and flights together through a travel agent? I booked the hotel first and then contacted the the TA. Anyone else? I am worried about the cost of flights. If you booked them all together was is cheaper or just easier for your guests? I really don't think it would have mattered for me since I booked the hotel in April 2008 for a wedding in Oct 2009 and flights still aren't available to look at for Oct 2009. Thanks.
  9. Ok, so I need some help. I am being very selective on who is invited to the mexico wedding (about 40 people). Does that mean only those invited to mexico should be invited to the shower? Or can we still invite aunts to the shower who aren't invited to Mexico? We are having an AHR (200 people) which everyone will be invited to. What are your thoughts to this?
  10. The price difference is $50 (Macy's) vs $80 (jcrew with discount). The only thing, the jcrew are pants they could wear again. I'm not sure if they would wear linen pants again. You know? I know that its ok for the groom to stick out. He is going to be wearing a suit anyways and the guys will just have the same shirt and pants. It would be nice to have the guys all in the same color -the girls are going to all have the same dress.
  11. Thats what I was thinking I am just having a hard time asking the wedding party to pay so much for their clothes. I guess they would get to keep them so its not a bad deal. If we were getting married at home they would have to rent a tux so what's the difference? Right?
  12. Hi. So I kind of have a dilemma. My Fiance wants to wear a suit and he wants one from jcrew (I have a friend that works there and can get us 30% off). Here's where the problem comes in. Do we get the same pants for the men so they match? Or go with the much cheaper linen pants from macys (clearance). The colors would be pretty different. A natural linen vs an italian chino cotton. HELP!!!
  13. OK so if I post a link it only takes you to the website and the site won't let me save a pic of the dress. It is a 2009 pronovias. Attached is a pic of me in it. dress.pdf dress6.pdf
  14. Dress 1. If you go with #2 you can see way to much beading once you get it altered. Your legs will look really short. I had the same problem as I am only 5'1. Something to think about. The first one looks way better.
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