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  1. We got married at 3pm...I wanted the daylight pics, worked out perfect
  2. IT really wasn't busy at all, we went in the morning because our photographer said it was the best light, we went about 9 am, they were setting up a small part of the gardens for a wedding ceremony but other than that we saw only about 5 people and it was a Saturday
  3. Thank you, the gardens are ammazing even if you aren't getting your pics there take a ride, its not even ten min from the resort gorgeous!
  4. It was not the private dinner but they had us setup in the section closetges to the beach and you really didn't notice anyone around you, we were all happy with how it turned out
  5. So, has anyone else found out what they are having yet? We found out we are having a little girl in April! Super exciterd but I know this will be the longest winter of my life!
  6. Just wanted to check since I miss this website soo much after our wedding was over in May I have went thru withdraws. I am now 16 weeks and due 4/20/12....we will find out what we are having (hopefully) on Nov 28th! Good luck and Congrats to everyone!
  7. I LOVED this dress, unfortunately we are making room for baby and need a crib! The dress is a size 10, I wear a size 6 dress in express and BCBG and did not need to have this dress taken in or let out, the only alteration made was it was hemmed about an inch (I am 5'4) and the ties were put in for the bustle (color coded very easy).
  8. Great real touch flowers, plumeria and orchids with two blue crystal starfish, hair flower has one plumeria and one orchid same as grooms bout!
  9. It took a little less than six weeks, couldn't have been happier wiht them!
  10. Thank you! Dress held up great no stains, even after wearing it in the falls and rolling around in the grass, i just took it back to the resort filled the tub with cool water and dunked it around a bit, then hung it out to dry.
  11. Thank you!....ToriLynn...the dress is an Allure, I believe the style number was 8526, it was very comfortable
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