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  1. Your guests must book through you (or your travel agent) in order to be counted towards your room nights. We had guests book on their own and they stayed in a completely separate part of the resort.
  2. @@natalie25 I believe there are only 2 gazebos at Moon Palace- Bugambilias & Tucan. Then there is also a glass wedding chapel.
  3. Unfortunately we only ended up with 64 room nights as some of our guests decided to book themselves instead of through my group booking. (We would have made the 75 if they had booked through my booking!! I was so mad about this and fought with my coordinator to have them included in my room count but they wouldn't budge!) So since we had 64 room nights we qualified for a 2 hour private function so we used that towards our reception and paid for an additional two hours plus a cocktail hour. (So we had the cocktail hour and a 4 hour reception) Definitely just be clear with your guests about the guest pass and let them know that it not only costs money for them to spend the day at the resort but you would ALSO have to pay for them to actually be at the wedding so they are basically costing you double the amount!!
  4. @@jackielemman ... we had 8 family members stay at another resort. I made it very clear to everyone from the beginning that I would prefer them all to stay at Moon but I couldn't force anyone to. I didn't think it was fair to me that they decided to stay at another resort so I had them pay me for the cost of the day passes. Sounds horrible, but it just didn't make sense for me to have to pay this cost because they decided to save a few extra bucks and go to a cheaper resort. Moon will only allow the purchase of wedding day passes up to a maximum of 20% of the total number of guests. The passes were $94 per person. You would just count these people into your normal headcount for your ceremony and reception.
  5. @ jackielemman... I used the onsite photographer, Ocean Studio, for both photo and video and I loved them! As with anything else in life I read such mixed reviews about them but decided to use them since the prices were great and I did not want to deal with a vendor fee. I felt they really captured our wedding and knew the resort really well (since their office is onsite) so they knew where to take the best pictures! They took a lot of pictures of the bridal party on the beach which I LOVED and I seriously look at them every day! Feel free to add me on Facebook (Deanna Sauchuk) if you would like to take a look at my professional pics. They are not all on there but all of the ones that they put in my albums are on there so you can at least get a good idea! @@natalie25... we used Ocean Photo and we received our photos and video about a month after the wedding!
  6. @amanda518 Hello! I reserved Arrecifes ahead of time. This spot was actually recommended to me by my wedding coordinator. I had originally wanted Los Caporales and they had told me it wouldn't fit the amount of people we have. We had 36 people at our welcome dinner and we had PLENTY of room to spare. They set us up outside on the terrace and it was a great spot. Highly recommend pushing for it!
  7. Smilenstacy - I would highly recommend getting prices from PSAV for any AV stuff instead of JSAV as they have been known to have MUCH better prices. (PSAV is an approved vendor) Miroslava was my main contact and she was great! Her email is marriage@psav.com
  8. Britt - We ended up giving our WC $200 because she was seriously amazing. We went there thinking we were gunna give her $150 but decided to throw in some more. Then we gave our photographer $50, videographer $50, DJ $50, and each bartender got $25 from us and a bunch of our guests gave them tips as well. We never actually saw our florist or anyone from Zuniga so we did not tip them. Hope this helps!
  9. Hello misbosox! I live in Danvers and work in Cambridge! A few of the guys I work with are from Dedham though and we actually just had our work Holiday party at Legacy Place!! Such a small world! Please let me know if you have any questions about Moon! We seriously had such an amazing time that we are thinking about doing a 1 year anniversary trip there in May!
  10. @@jackielemman We did maracas as our wedding favors and they were a HUGE hit! We had one placed at every table setting and I tied a note on each of them (the size of a business card) and on one side it said: "Instead of tapping on your glass, Heres a system with Mexican class. Stand and shake with all your might, To see the groom kiss his bride tonight." Then on the other side we wrote a short Thank You note to our guests. The maracas were ordered from Amols and were SUCH a great price! :)
  11. @@agarcia1 We did the Italian buffet for our wedding and it was SO delicious! My guests all really enjoyed it and there were so many choices for even the picky eaters to choose from (like me!) Oops that was meant for @@ckl22 :)
  12. I'm not sure if PSAV is only at Moon Palace or not. We had to pay for our cocktail hour and with 44 people it ended up being $1,000. (This is the price if you have between 41-50 people) Our reception was 4 hours long- the first 2 hours were free but we had to pay for the last 2 hours. This was $60 per table per hour. We had 5 tables so it ended up being an extra $600. (Note: this table count did not include our sweet heart table) Hope this helps!
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Carlicardenas Hi! how much did you have to pay for 4 hours for them? I am thinking i would like to do 1 hr cocktail and 4 hours reception. They said I have to pay 2 more hours EXTRA even though it says that if you have more than 7 5 rooms you have unlimited events? so why wouldnt a cocktail hour be considered an event and just add one hour to reception? Hello! I believe with the unlimited events its only a max of 3 hours per day. For PSAV we paid $1,086.69 for 4 hours of a DJ.
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