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  1. please email tmcdonald@conklincars.com buyer pays shipping Seashell Ring Holder 5 dollars or best offer. Thanks for looking! Flower Girl Bucket Silver pail with flowers on it, has turquoise ribbon tied on both sides 3 dollars or best offer
  2. email me at tgantz@conklincars.com size small buyer pays shipping price-15.00 Thanks Tiara
  3. Email me at tgantz@conklincars.com Sorry for some reason it says I have 5 open classifieds and I do not, so I can't post over there for some reason, hope this is ok. Matching Dresses Flower Girl-size 6-9 months (My daughter is 17lbs and about 27 inches tall, it fits her perfectly) 20.00 Junior Bridesmaid(My daughter is 74lbs and is around 56 inches tall, this fits perfectly) 25.00 buyer pays shipping. Thanks! Tiara
  4. We will sell a beige linen suit for only 50 dollars after our wedding Jan.21st 2012 email me if interested tgantz@conklincars.com. I will send you pictures!!! We will sell it for only 50 dollars. He is 5'6 and around 130lbs.
  5. Thanks Ladies!!! I would have tried to use mixbook,but I don' t have the rights to the prints, I just ordered all the photos, and now need a book to put them in. Let me know if you come up with anything!
  6. I am going to make my own book, since I can't afford there book, but I have ordered all of the prints.....Anyone with suggestions on what scrapbook, or book I should use??? If you are on the fence on these.........DO IT!!!!! Here is the link, www.wallflowerstudios.net/galleries/tgantz-gallery
  7. Hello, I would be interested in 6 of them. email me at tgantz@conklincars.com
  8. I am in need of 8 luggage tag inserts, yes I know I can make them, or buy them but I am hoping someone will be willing to help me out on this......... Just a beach theme for the front and on the back the usual......name address, and such. Thanks! tgantz@conklincars.com
  9. Hello I am in need of a Ring Holder,my 9 year old daugter will be carrying the rings down. I love the sea shell idea, or I would even be open to a plate or box. Just with the beach theme. Let me know if you have anything like this. Thanks tgantz@conklincars.com best way to reach me)
  10. oh that would be awesome!!!! You are soo helpful! How was the bridal show? I wanted to go, but I had too much going on! I didn't realize you live that close to me! Crazy!
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