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  1. Seeing our new house today, almost done in construction! Thinking about tomorrow, I'm going dress shopping at Kleinield Woop Woop, hopefully I say "yes to the dress".
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by AishaB Flores the easiest way to print on A2 paper is to go into your paper setting and set the size of the paper. If it doesn't have the size that you want you can click on the customize button and put in the specific paper size and hit ok. The blank sheet on the page should be the size that you want. Then you can run a couple of trials to make sure that you have the size and that all of your typing is centered on your card. I usually cut a few blank sheets to the size of the card and use those as tryout sheets. Hope this helps. Thanks Aisha, I will give it a try!
  3. So I decided to try to be creative and make my own bridesmaid invitations. I brought really pretty cards from Michaels, and got home and realized I don't know how to print on A2 sized cards. For you ladies who have done DIY invitations, did you use a particular software? How did you print/design the invites? Did you use a template for the size card. Please help, I'm already getting frustrated and wishing I had brought the cards ready made.
  4. I would definitely pay for a wedding coordinator, and I am actually researching some in the DR now. There is a company called Novella who apparently is in Santo Domingo and plans fabulous weddings. But I contacted them Saturday and they were supposed to email me a question-are on Monday, and surprise, surprise, I haven't heard from them. So if there was a person in the US who could suggest outside vendors, and be the point person the day of the wedding, I would definitely pay the price, and 1000 is not allot, compared to a WC in the US. The day of the wedding I wont have time to run around and make sure everything is the way I want it, if I don't hire the WC from Novella, then my MOH will have allot to do that day!
  5. OMG! That is the cutest bag, I'm off to buy a sewing machine now lol
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by tracy0716 Hi Flore! I forwarded you the menu options- enjoy! Thanks Tracey!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by pujbride19 I heard back from Guillermina at the Floristeria El Tronco with a quote. The quotes are in pesos, but it ends up being about $650 for the following: 1 bridal bouquet 1 boutonniere for groom 4 bridesmaid bouquets 4 boutonnieres for groomsmen 2 boutonnieres for fathers 2 wrist corsages for mothers 12 centerpieces with vases 1 larger centerpiece for table at ceremony 2 arrangements to be hung on gazebo posts I think that it is a pretty good deal and like I said before the examples she did for me were awesome. PM if you want the breakdown of price per item. Thanks for the info! Are they going to do the set up the day of the wedding or are they going to leave them with the wedding coordinator at the resort? Flore
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by tracy0716 Sent! Let me know if you need anything else or have any questions I might be able to help you with- good luck! Hi Tracey, can you send me the dinner menu too. Fmacenat@hotmail.com I appreciate it, Flore
  9. Hi everyone, I'm thinking about having my reception at the Jellyfish or at least the rehearsal dinner, can someone plz email me the wedding package prices, I really appreciate it. Best, Flore
  10. Hi ladies, We did the aqua package as well, and adding as needed from the a la carte. Once we did the calculations, It was way more to do everything a la carte. Dania you made the right decision PPR is fabulous!!!!! Flore
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Anna22 So, I booked my June 2011 Wedding at the Paradisus Palma Real and frankly, I am scared! It seems the "romance team" is all over the place. They are not consistant with what they say. After paying my deposit for the Gabi Beach, Terrace & Restarant(120+guest) I was told they couldn't honor the price **RED FLAG ON THE PLAY** I had to go back through tons of emails and resend them the whole brake down of what they quoted. Then we had to get approval from someone higher up. STRESSFUL! I recently sent them an email requesting a design layout map of the gabi restarant as well as the color schemes so I can begin picking wedding colors and such and they have been unhelpful. They sent me a map of the entire hotel instead of the room lay out! WHAT IS THAT GOINT TO DO FOR ME? And sent me no information on the color schemes of the room. I could go on forever!! I am interested in hearing your experiences w/ the Palma Real!! Are you all going bananas or am I alone here?! Hi Anna, We're having our wedding at the PPR June 2011 too, what date is your wedding? Who you are communicating with from the resort?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by jjambrina Thanks everyone, we are really happy it came together so beautifully. I've attacheded the link with some of the pictures our awesome photographer Jorge Allocco took that day Wedding photographer You pictures are beautiful! Congrats! What location did you use for your reception?
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