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  1. WOW, those DEL SOL pictures are like a fairytale. Here's mines, I had so much fun and it was something different, friends and family didn't think I would dare to do it, LOL
  2. The Ambar is Adults Only and the Esmeralda families are allowed, but the picture I showed above is in the Esmeralda but only for adults. The Esmeralda is the newest one, it opened up less than a year ago and it's gorgeous but we still preferred the Ambar because of the adults only deal also we found our section of the beach was always less crowded. Hope this helps
  3. Just like the Majestic, the Bahia Principe also required a copy of our marriage certificate to do the symbolic ceremony . I wou.. I would've been nice to have the civil stuff after the symbolic ceremony
  4. We came back 2 weeks ago from the Bahia Principe Resorts. We stood at the Ambar section but because we had VIP bracelets we were allow in the Esmeralda section. We were hanging out at the Jacuzzi area by the Esmeralda because we had it to ourselves most of the time and here's a picture:
  5. Looking natural was a big thing for me because on a daily basis I don't use makeup
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