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  1. Thank you ladies for the compliments! Lesse, you were a very beautiful bride, I love love love your wedding photos! My photographer was Chris Van Atta from North Carolina; you can Google him at Chris van atta photography. He was amazing to work with!!! We brought our own DJ/MC from NYC. Some people thought I was crazy for doing that since we had to pay for his airfare and hotel, but he was one of the best things we did for our wedding. I am Dominican and my new hubby is Irish, I needed a bilingual DJ that understands both cultures. He was great. He had everybody dancing on the dance floor all night long. I agreed with Lesse, the fire dancers are freaking Fantastic!!! We also hired them for our wedding. In addition to the fire dancers, we also hired a guitar trio for the cocktail hour...they were also GREAT!!! As for decor, we brought candles, silk flowers for centerpieces and cake, menu cards, fans, programs, crystals, bubbles, I can't remember what else, and I just know it was a lot of stuff. From the hotel's company: draping, Chinese lattes, robotic and intelliget lights, large vases for centerpieces, chocolate fountain and the hotel actually gave us the smoke machine for free..I thought that was really nice.
  2. Oh Wow!!! all you April brides's photos look so amazing!!! make me one to share some of mine as well, if anybody want to see. My wedding was in Punta Cana, same week as Lesse, which I had the pleasure to meet at resort
  3. Thank you NeveWhite, Sure, Here are my advices for all the future PPR brides: -Have an idea of how you want to look like for the day of your wedding: Make sure to bring a photo (s) of your inspiration hairstyle and a photo (s) of your inspiration make up so there would be not any confusions between you and the stylist – your wedding day is not the time for any confusion for your hair or make-up. You are going to have tons of other stuff to worry about. Very important: Bring you own make-up!!!! They do not carry all type of makeup; plus when you get back to your room, If you ended up not liking the make-up or your want to fix it a little (like I did) you will be prepared. -Schedule a makeup trial back at your home before you travel so you’ll know how to explain to the stylist at the spa. Also, if you can, schedule a makeup trial with the spa before your wedding day so you able to feel the chemistry between you and the spa stylist. That’s what I did. I had a makeup trial with the spa for my rehearsal dinner and before travelling to PPR, For my bachelorette party back in late March, I hired a make-up artist and she showed how to apply my makeup and how to prepare my skin for the wedding; plus, she wrote down everything I needed to buy. Trust me; I am very glad I did this. Now I am not only learned how to apply my makeup for the wedding but also I was able to look great for the entire honeymoon! -Another advice; DONâ€T cut back on the photographer. You want to hire somebody that is able to catch the beautiful you, all the special moments, emotions and details! Believe me; you don’t want to worry whether or not you photos are going to come back beautiful. Plus a wedding is just one day (the lucky we with destination weddings are able to stretch the moment a little longer) but photos are forever!!!! I have friends that made the mistake and hired a photographer without doing their research, needed to say, they wedding photos came out horrible. -We loved everything about PPR and we cannot wait to go back next year, but the only thing about the resort is that we didn’t like was making dinner reservation…It’s horrible, especially for a big group! So my advice, once you get there and when you able to, make sure to reserve all your dinners at the a la carte restaurants in one shot. You’ll be thankful. -And finally, on your wedding day, make sure to relaxed and have fun!!! Enjoy to the fullest and don’t sweat the minor stuff. Please let me know if any of you have more questions, I will be happy to response =)
  4. More photos!! Sorry, I know my photos are all over the place, but onceI get my professional, I will be more organize, this is just so the future PPR brides get an idea !
  5. OMG!!! Brides!! Please Do not worry about this resort. I just got back last Sunday night from my wedding and honeymoon at PPR and I just have to said "IT WAS THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. Also. don't worry about the Romance team, these people know what they are doing. We have 60 guests including us and the romance team and hotel staff were extremely friendly and accomodating. They never said "no" to us, they made all our crazy requests come true. All our guests kept thanking me for choosing such a beautiful and clasic resort. Most of our guests stayed with us for the wedding day and after. So we basically party for an entire week. Here are some photos from my family and guests's cameras. I don't have my professional photos yet, but I am promising to share them with you once they are ready, so you can have an idea of how the resort looks.
  6. Hi girls, Today I am very happy..everything is now finally falling now into place!!! YEAH I had a very stressful week dealing with everything from my travel agent to dealing with family and the resort but at least, I have been in comunication these last 2 days with Diana and we are both on te same page. Don't get me wrong, I do really like Diana. She is a great manager and alway returned my emails on time but I guess they have been really busy attending other weddings and I just got nervous since my wedding is now in 8 days. Lesse, My ceremony is at Nao beach, cocktail party at the plaza and reception at Apollo ballroom on April 16. we stay at the resort for about 10 days...What about you?
  7. I'm leaving next Wenesday, I'm getting married April 16th in 9 daysI'm freaking out now! Diana is also giving me my final invoice today. But yes, I also going over budjet I cannot believe how high those taxes are!!
  8. Hi Lesee, Im getting married on April 16th at the Paradidus Palma Real in Punta Cana. We are staying there for 10 days so I will be in the same resort while you are getting married I can't believe Im getting married in 29 days I just picked up my final fitting dress yesterday!!!
  9. Im getting married in PPR in about 2 months and yes they charge you for every little thing you custumize. We are having 65 guests including us and we chose the Aqua package with upgrades. Our budge originally was 15K... well..l we are up to 20k now!! but then again we are bringing oue own photographer & DJ from the State... I will give you more details after the wedding.
  10. Im getting married in PPR in just about 2 more months, I can't wait!! I chose PPR because I LOVE the way PPR looks! I totally fell in love with the Plaza Colonial where I am having my cocktail party. I know PPR is more expensive but I just couldn't say no to it and after all it is one of a life-time event.
  11. I have been searching for programs ideas, but I can't find anything!! I am so blanck right now when it comes to ceated a program. Please HELP! Thanks
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