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  1. only need to hit 50 more!! anyone interested? 95 cents a cup and they are so cute!!
  2. yup i am so excited as well...i am more excited tho cause i want the cups for home for myself too! LOL there sooooooooooo cool i love how they chg colors haha And of course will look great in my OOT bags
  3. back at the 200 mark - 50 to go! 95 censt a cup - someone ...anyone? LOL...these are way too cute to pass up!
  4. only about 5-10 dollars shy - anyone else interested?
  5. I printed them on plain white card stock and i think they look cute! thinking i should do a different color?
  6. let me know what you want to order and the total amount it comes out to, thanks!
  7. Check out this site...such cute things ! Everything is very cheap only thing is minimum order must be 75 dollars...anyone interested in going in on an order? Let me know http://www.wholesalecentral.com/rockeytradingco/store.cfm
  8. anf fyi: you dont have to order from the domincan republic section! they have other countries...or really anything lol check it out
  9. Check this website out! Such cute things like the pens and the bottle opener/flash light! Everythign is very cheap the only catch is a minimum order has to be 75 dollars....anyone interested? I order know 20 dollars I would spend so let me know if anyone else wnats to ?? http://rockeytrading.com/store.cfm?event=showcatalog&catid=60682
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