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  1. Hi, i am from the UK and there doesnt seem to be that many of us. Interesting to see where other UKers have bought their items.
  2. Hello, we only have 6 of us at my wedding, other friends and family couldnt make it. Sure it will turn out just fine though
  3. I am trying not to let it worry me, what will be will be. Plus i didnt know rain on your wedding day was good luck, so it could be a bonus really couldnt it.
  4. I see lots of the others are talking about getting married officially before they go to Jamaica. I was under the understanding that getting married in Jamaica was totally legal in the UK, so i am assuming we dont need to have any sort of marriage licence before we go. Or am i missing something?
  5. My WC has booked me in for hairstyle there. I have decided to do my own make up, purely because i dont want them to use hideous colours on me. They might do it really well, who knows! I have recently spent a small fortune on Bobbi Brown range make up and have had a couple of lessons to show me how to apply. I just hope it goes right on the day. Hair is something i am never too great at, so i am just hoping they do a good job.
  6. Lovely photos, it looks beautiful. Makes me feel excited about mine!
  7. How frustrating. I hope i dont have the same problem, once you are married you want to change your name on everything straight away dont you. I think you should just keep on at them, i think part of the trouble is they are so much more laid back about everything than we are. Â I have the same trouble with my WC at the moment and we havent even been out there to get married yet. Im now just leaving it and saving all my questions for when we get out there. Â Im sure somebody who is married will be along shortly to advise you of their experience. Hope you get it sorted soon x
  8. Our honeymoon is at the same place as our wedding. My bridesmaid and her partner are staying only for one week, but my parents are staying for 2. We are hoping that the hotel is so big that we wont bump into them after the wedding lol
  9. Hello, i am set to marry on 1st Oct in 3 weeks time! We are getting married at the gran bahia principe, runaway bay.
  10. Id never even thought about this. However, we only have a very small wedding party, 6 in total so i wont even be having a first dance with my husband in the actual day. We will save that for out reception back in the UK. I am like you and dont have a touchy feely kind of relationship with my dad, anything like dancing would feel so weird for the both of us i think. The only way around that would be if i was drunk and then i wouldnt think anything of it. Shame its like that with our own father isnt it, but when its been like that for so many years you cant just change.
  11. Yeah i get asked all the time, like its a really different thing to do! Thought loads of people do it nowadays.
  12. I have been planning for a year, but feel i have left alot until the last minute. I have 3 weeks to go and have bought most of the things needed in the last 2 months which has been a little difficult on the old pocket!
  13. Im in the same boat, there are only 6 of us. Worried it will be a little awkward and boring afterwards but until i know what entertainment is there i cant really decide what we will do. We get married at 1600, and i have no idea how long the ceremony takes but we will be seated for an early dinner apparently. After that i suppose we will just hang out at the local bars and discos. I will change out of my dress into another white dress as i need the proper one for my reception back in the uk...dont want to get it dirty!
  14. My fiance paid for my dress. My parents did offer but they are already paying for 6 of us to go to Jamaica and the actual wedding. We are covering the costs of small details and extras.
  15. I will be wearing a garter, but only because i bought one to match my lingerie for my wedding night. I googled what the meaning for the garter was the other night and was quite shocked.
  16. I have paid about 75% of the dress, and she has paid for her jewellery and shoes. Thats purely because i have a generous bridesmaid who is happy to pay her way, but maybe only because my parents and paying for her and her partner to come to Jamaica with us.
  17. Nooooo, i didnt have my future MIL with me. I didnt even have my own mother with me cos she lives in Spain. It was just me and my bridesmaid, and i now have a different bridesmaid lol
  18. I think i told parents and siblings, but expected them to tell distant family. I would have announced it on facebook pretty soon after. However, facebook is a night mare, i cant help but post things on it and then think afterwards what a bad idea that was....its lethal lol
  19. If it was me, i would agree to them doing it after the wedding.. not before and definately not on the day!
  20. I have no idea what i am getting him, but we have discussed it and agreed to get something for each other after the wedding, as with only 3 weeks left to go we are quickly running out of funds.
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