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  1. Hey ladies! I'm back! I'm having withdrawal..... we had an amazing time. I've been running around today doing things just to get back to reality. We already went to social security and changed my name! (which the mexico marriage certificate is FINE to do that and it took two seconds..) Everything was amazing..I wish I never stressed anything. The Lindo was great...the maya too. I will do a review when I can get my head on straight! Just quickly...we had our rehearsal dinner at the Italian, and our reception at the Steakhouse. the steakhouse was amazing...the food, service, atmosphere...i loved it. They set us up away from people so it was really pretty private! It was more than I could have imagined.. my flowers were awesome, canopy flowers awesome....i used the hotel photographers which were also great. My dvd came out awesome and was ready the next day. The italian restuarant was good, but the atmosphere is nothing great. I would recommend the Cajun restaurant instead..... I ate there another night and it was fabulous. my coctail hour was at the Maya lobby..awesome. nothing structured but everyone loved it there. I'm just still on cloud nine and I'm sad its all over! I'll put something together with more info and pictures soon. feel free to ask any questions that are burning !
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Lindobride14 Oh my gosh, so soon! I will just miss you by two weeks. My mom and I are going for a site visit July 26th! Best of luck -- can't wait to hear your review! Are you doing a cocktail hour by the way? And if so, where? I wonder if there's an outdoor option. Oh wow thats too bad I'll miss you! I am in disbelief that I leave in less than a week.... Thankfully missing the storm. I hope there isn't too much damage. I am having my guests meet for cocktails at the Maya Lobby bar- the Snake bar. We are not doing a formal cocktail hour because I think its ridiculous that they charge you. I just asked my guests to go there after the ceremony while I do pictures, then I will meet them there, and we will go to our dinner at the Italian at 7:30. We are having a huge home reception, so we are just having dinner and cake and thats all. No private room or DJ, because we are paying for the whole mexico trip, wedding, and the home reception with over 200 people! Mayra has been good the last few days with communicating with me and making my spa appointments for hair, nails, etc. We are trying to nail down flowers...i cannot decide what to do for the bridesmaids or the beach flowers.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Lindobride14 Can anyone tell me which, if any, of the Lindo's restaurants are open air? I'm not sure if there are any..it might be the Japanese, but not sure. I am having my dinner at the steakhouse and the Italian the night before, and neither are open air. I know the seafood is inside as well. We leave three weeks from tomorrow....I'm freaking out a little!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by finleys7 Amy - I would check VISTA print. Although I didn't use them, I have read nothing bu great reviews. Cheap and easy to work with. Good Luck!!! thanks Shannon..they are great. I have done postcards, thank you notes, stationary, luggage tags, etc. with them. I just can't find mugs or waterproof labels.... I am printing out the wedding itinerary from there too. I haven't finished that yet. also, I did my save the dates and bridesmaid totes with them! all awesome. someday I'll take a picture...
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by finleys7 Amy - I am sure it feels great to get things done. It sounds like a lot more is going into your AHR, so it will be perfect! Nice and relaxing for Mexico =) The Maya lobby bar is very nice and air conditioned =) Big Plus there. Yes it feels nice! I still feel like I have little things to organize. I have this month to organize the oot bags and I want to get started assembling luggage tags.. I am currently looking to get personalized travel mugs made for OOT bags. All I'm doing for the OOT bags are itinerary,welcome letters, photo albums, postcards, uhh...I cannot even think! I think thats it. i had decided I didn't want to do them but.... I really need the mugs cause thats the only real tangible thing...I did want to get pens too but I haven't. Anyone know where or IF you can make personalized waterproof labels or cheap personalized mugs? I also DO have so much for the AHR....I need table numbers currently!
  6. Hi everyone...I'm looking to get personalized travel mugs for my OOT bags. I had read somewhere that someone made waterproof labels and just stuck them on regular plain travel mugs.Vistaprint doesn't have travel mugs, just coffee mugs. I wanted the mugs for the pool bars or for however guests wanted to use them. I haven't been able to find a cheap site for this..or waterproof labels! Time is ticking!
  7. Finally made some final decisions and arrangements between working with Mayra and Lily.... 5:30 ceremony on the beach... Trolly will bring people to the Maya lobby 'snake' bar for some coctails while we do pictures... 7:30 dinner at the Steakhouse! Also 8:30 Rehearsal/group dinner the night before at the Italian Restuarant. I'm keeping centerpieces very simple and bringing a few turquoise candles in my suitcase with these pearl/silver type things that go around the base of the candle. I'm glad we at least got that accomplished! a little over 6 weeks...I do not feel ready! also had my dress fitting and it cost an arm and a leg for the alterations. need it taken in a bunch which is a good thing! Now I have to make sure it will still fit 6 weeks from now.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by finleys7 Amy - I wouldn't worry about the pictures if you are doing an AHR in August. They do a decent job but don't advie where to stand and whatnot. If you bring a list of pictures to take and where...then it will be easier. No worries...that's the theme here. =) I'm not too worried, I really don't think they can totally mess them up to be honest with you. I guess time will tell. We are doing pictures at home too so that will be good. Its comiing up so fast. I can't imagine how you feel with it already having passed! like a whirlwind!
  9. hey ladies...I have not been on here in months due to much stress and many changes...My fiance got a different job and we have to move from RI to Mass, where he is from. ITs a police job so theres a residency requirement and we have a deadline to move. Long story short..I rented out my house after not being able to sell it quick enough, and all of our stuff is in storage. We will be moving to Kevin's property he owns, but that too is rented becasuse he had moved to my house. So we are at my parents house until his tenants lease is up. Lets just say its been a very stressful few months. at any rate, my wedding is in 53 days! I feel NOT ready. SHANNON...congratulations. I am going to read your review. I am sad cause I'm using the hotel photographer and everyone keeps saying how terrible they are. I'm in the process of confirming reservations for the Italian restaurant for our wedding night and the Steakhouse for the rehearsal dinner. We are not doing a reception since we are having a huge one in August and we are paying for every dime of every thing. I have my fitting next weekend...and I still have to make luggage tags. I feel like I have so much to do. I also need to order mugs for poolside...
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Lindobride14 Hi all- Anyone past/future Lindo brides mind telling me what rates you paid for a 7 nt stay? We are about to send out save the dates w/ pricing info and the current rate is 1329 (not including airfare) Is this comparable to what anyone else paid? Seems a bit high . . . that is pretty much the going rate. I originally paid $1700 plus $398 for air. However...I did get $800 back because it went on sale! So basically it was $400 off a person which would put you around $1300
  11. My AHR centerpieces are very cheap but I love them. I ordered hurricane globes through Christmas tree shops. They were $8 each. I got a bag of sand, tall pillar candle, and seaglass/shells. I made one and it looked awesome. the candle is surrounded by sand, shells, and sea glass. simple but pretty and CHEAP!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by midnight24 ours is still a few months away but i think we're going to greet people when they come in so we have a chance to say hi/thanks. after that we'll have the dj or mc announce us a mr & mrs and walk to our table to eat dinner. it's a fairly formal AHR. we're wearing our wedding day attire, seated dinner, decor...and open bar! haha (that's all i cared about) Thats like what we're doing! We have a photographer so I think we will get some pics early and then w/grandparents, etc as they arrive. We are having our cocktail hour- can't wait. then getting announced, doing our first dance, dinner, etc! Definitely wearing wedding attire. I feel like my real wedding in mexico is the informal one cause really I just want to enjoy the trip and have it be relaxing and NOT stressful!
  13. YOu guys all have a lot of people coming! that is awesome. We are up to 24, including us. I don't think there will be many more. So, I was wondering why on this forum and others so many people are packing up centerpieces to bring. Then, I got the prices from Mayra last night. The cheapest thing is $65. NO freaking way. And I'm not bringing the stuff I've bought already for my AHR. So..I wrote her back and said I'm not doing any of that. I will pack up some candles or something and call it a day. I'm already doing all this planning for my home reception! My centerpieces are big hurricane globes with tall pillar candles, sea glass, sand, and shells. I am not packing that crap! Does anyone know any place to get some realistic looking flower petals? They charge you even for that. I was thinking some simple lit candles with some scattered bright pink petals or something might do. Honestly I don't think anyone is going to notice w/only 24 people going. We are doing a big 200 people AHR and I already have all my ducks in a row for that. I still need to find clear luggage tags. Shannon I checked OT and I guess theirs are clear but only in the front. You can't use both sides of a business card or anything....
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by coley88 Beautiful and GREAT price, can't beat that. Question, how heavy are the vases? We were thinking about doing something similar, but we're trying to figure out how much they'll weigh down our baggage. I am thinking the same thing. THere is no way I'm bringing the ones I'm making for my AHR. I'm not bringing anything with me in terms of decorations for my DW. Fresh flowers is fine with me. There is no way I'd bring all that down, but I give you guys lots of credit for packing all that up! They're all beautiful.
  15. also try Beach Wedding Favors, ideas, accessories, Creations for destination beach weddings receptions, bridal shower or Luau I am getting sand dollars and my mother is going to write on them. My fiance is making the wooden boxes and I'm going to add sand and some sea glass to the boxes!
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