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    Oh, how I love pinterest. I wish it was cooler before my wedding planning, it would have been so helpful!
  2. fallfromgrace

    Orange and purple?

    Oh, Passport invites are cool!!
  3. Fingerprints!!! I wish that I had thought of that
  4. I love the starfish motif.
  5. fallfromgrace

    Just got back from Riu Palace

    I love the fireworks. Wow, amazing!
  6. fallfromgrace


    Sorry forgot to include the link: http://www.etsy.com/listing/83217012/bridal-wedge-flip-flops-satin-flower
  7. fallfromgrace


    When we got married, being in flip-flops were kind of amazing. And for pictures, we did barefoot pictures, because juggling a dress, heels, a bouquet seemed like too much work! Seriously, we wanted it to be simple. It worked out amazingly. These are the one's we got/made. I bought a pair for myself, and then made my BM's in the colour of their dresses.
  8. I didn't even know that same sex weddings were an issue in Mexico. Sometimes people are so backwards. Congrats, and welcome to the forums.
  9. fallfromgrace

    Vegas bride by way of Dallas

    There is so much support and help here, you don't have to worry about a single thing! Ask lots of questions. It's fun the planning process. Don't get all flustered!
  10. fallfromgrace

    Gran Bahia Principe Jamaica-March 2013

    Jamaica is beautiful. Sounds really exciting!
  11. fallfromgrace

    Trying to find an all inclusive resort in Cabo

    Last time we were in Mexico we had an amazing time at the Barcelo. They are an All Inclusive and awesome.
  12. fallfromgrace

    Any other 2013 Brides??

    Trust me, when you are planning a DW, time goes by faster than you imaging. We had to put off our wedding a couple of times due to family stuff, and time just flew by.